CBL – A Pedagogical Tool

Be the Spark: The Value of Community-Based Learning for Communities, Scholars, and Students

Wondering about new ways to energize the college classroom? Want your students to hone their practical skills while giving back to the community? Have a desire to form collaborative partnerships that will support connections between course material and community needs in a way that enriches both? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this workshop is for you. Join us for an interactive discussion to learn about the nuts, bolts, and benefits of community-based learning and how you can assist your students in applying their newly acquired skills to a service commitment. Students in every discipline benefit from combining theory and knowledge with practice. Students are not the only beneficiaries either. Community-based learning empowers ALL participants – community, students, and faculty. This interactive presentation is for all faculty who have an interest in thinking about how to make curricular connections to the community. For those interested in creating a course with the CBL designation, this session will introduce you to idea of using CBL as a pedagogical method and serve as the first step in creating your own community-based learning course.

Facilitator: Kristi Fondren (Sociology/Anthropology)

(NOTE: This workshop is one of the required components for CBL certification.)