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Community-Based Learning (CBL) Program

The mission of the Marshall University Community-Based Learning (CBL) Program is to combine academic theory with community engagement to enhance student learning by offering hands-on experience outside of the classroom. The MU-CBLP supports collaborations among faculty, students, and community partners that connect learning objectives to public service and civic engagement.

The CBL program is committed to four primary goals:

  1. To encourage civic engagement, ethical development, appreciation for diversity, and deeply integrated learning among students at all levels in all disciplines.
  2. To enhance the quality of teaching, assure the integrity of the curriculum, and expand pedagogical resources through faculty development in experiential, community-based learning;
  3. To establish constructive partnerships between the community and higher education in order to alleviate social, economic, and environmental adversity and to enrich the quality of community life both on and off campus;
  4. To enlarge the scope and application of research in higher education and to acknowledge the community’s role in the academic enterprise by facilitating community-based action research projects and supporting the dissemination of research results.

In order to carry out this mission, the CBL program offers a number of services and resources to help faculty and students integrate community-based learning projects into the intellectual life of the university. Students, faculty and community partners alike are invited to consult the menu bar above for faculty and student information, community contacts and updates about ongoing projects.

Are you interested in participating in a CBL Workshop? Contact Dr. Damien Arthur (