Teaching Boot Camp

"Family." That word and concept is at the heart of Marshall University. We talk about our students (and they talk about themselves) as "sons and daughters of Marshall." So, what does that make us? Teachers, mentors, role models, instructors, professors, parents, or one of dozens of other terms? Whatever the term, whether you are an adjunct, term, tenure-track, or tenured (full) faculty member, your goal, our goal, is the same. It is to be all these things, and any of these things, so that our students are successful inside our classrooms, and in their chosen fields, and in their communities. How can we change and grow and learn ourselves, so that we can best help our students meet these goals?

Sponsored by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Teaching Boot Camp is designed to provide faculty at all levels the opportunity for focused, supervised time so that you may make significant progress toward student success and the scholarship of teaching and learning to refine or create courses and assignments that help align our goals with the needs of an ever-evolving population of students. You are a good candidate for TBC if you have interest in making changes to and reflecting on your courses and pedagogical approach, and now need time, space, camaraderie or more productive strategies to explore your methodologies. Participants must clear their schedules, make a commitment to attend all work sessions for the Fall boot camp, submit a work plan in advance of the first meeting, and provide an approximately bi-weekly account of progress. As a result of this process, participating faculty members can expect to develop an action plan to enhance teaching and learning in his/her courses.

This will be the first time that the Center for Teaching and Learning will offer Teaching Boot Camp. It is open on a competitive basis for all full-time faculty at Marshall. Each session will include time for individual progress reports and collaborative problem solving in addition to actual time to work on your projects. All sessions will convene in Old Main 109, from 2:00pm – 4:30pm, on the dates listed below.

Fall 2020 Schedule:

Information will be available at a later date.


If you have questions, contact April Fugett (fugett5@marshall.edu, x65268) or ctl@marshall.edu.