Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Spring 2017 meetings:

FYS Faculty Meeting 1: Wednesday, Feb. 22 from 8-9 am.  Location: Drinko 138. Agenda Includes: Robin Riner – COLA Research and Creativity Conference and possible FYS submissions.  Information Literacy and Fake News: Librarian Sabrina Thomas – suggestions for activities instructors can use to cover source reliability in the midst of fake news

FYS Faculty Meeting 2: Friday March. 31 from Noon to 1 pm.  Location: Drinko 349. Agenda Includes:  Jeradi Cohen – GHWD. Kay Lawson.

FYS Faculty Meeting 3: Friday, April . 21 from 11 am – noon.  Location: Memorial Student Center MSC 2W16 SRC Conference room.  Agenda Includes: Inquiry based and Metacognitive Thinking: Jennifer Sias – Introduction to the StoryCorps app.


*We are busy, busy folks.  No one time seems ideal for anyone, except perhaps 8 am on MW when according to MUBert, no one is scheduled to teach.  However, many may argue that 8 am is gruesome!  So, I only scheduled ONE meeting at 8 and am trying to try a different approach this semester for other meetings, which is to find two other times that may exclude a few (sadly) but perhaps will work better for the majority.  Our hope is that you could attend two or at least ONE meeting during the semester so that you can stay informed about FYS happenings!


Fall 2016 meetings – schedule:

  • FYS Faculty Meeting 1:  Tuesday, September 13 from 8-9am.  Location: Drinko Library 349.  Agenda includes: 1. Attendance initiative – Dr. Kateryna Schray. 2. FYS Summer Workgroup Show and Tell – update FYS instructors on what the summer workgroup did/improvements to existing scenarios and tweaks to instructions as well as development of new scenarios – Mary Welch, Isaac Wait & Jennifer Sias.  3. FYS faculty funds – encourage faculty to apply  4.  Demo of a successful activity/instruction plan – Mary Welch
  • FYS Faculty Meeting 2:  Thursday, October 13 from 8-9 am. Location: Drinko Library 349.  Agenda includes:  1.  How are you meeting your min/max reading and writing requirements in FYS – share.  2. Demo of a successful activity/instruction plan – Isaac Wait. 3. Call for volunteers – New video testimonials from FYS instructors on the benefits of teaching FYS.
  • FYS Faculty Meeting 3: Tuesday, November 15 from 8-9 am. Location: Drinko Library 349.  Agenda includes:  1. FYS Exam reminders 2. Demo of a successful activity/instruction plan – Sabrina Thomas & Jayme Waldron 3. HIP Project presentation – Damien Arthur, Bill Gardner & more





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