(Choose your emphasis: Advertising or Public Relations)
These programs give you hands-on experience and channel your energy into a skillset that churns out press releases for breakfast, dominates social media before lunch and imagines taglines with every snack break. We’re going to put you to work writing, strategizing, and asking the tough questions. Everyone is welcome, but those who thrive under pressure, devour pop culture, keep up with current events, and know how to keep cool even when the toast lands butter side down are ideal candidates for futures in Advertising and Public Relations. Working with projects in this major gives you the opportunity to win Crystal Awards and earn ranking in the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC).

(Choose your emphasis: Broadcast, Multimedia, or Sports Journalism)
Finding and reporting the truth. It’s a mission. It’s a calling. It’s not for the lazy, weak or superficial. Whether you’re a print, broadcast or online journalist you’ll learn how to gather facts, interview the best sources, and form the story. It may need to be told in print, shown in video or perhaps delivered in multimedia platforms. Whether you’re typing on a computer or getting ink on your fingers, you’re a mouthpiece for your community, and the SOJMC will help you find your voice.

(Choose your emphasis: Radio & TV Production and Management, or Video Production. Note: Video Production is being changed to TV & Video Production for Fall 2024)
Run the show
Call the game
Get the shots
Keep it on the air

You’re often the unsung hero who makes certain the show goes live, even though the audience may never see your face. You’re a film buff, prepared to pull out a fish eye lens at moment’s notice or a radio aficionado who can hear audio crackle through silence. For the videographers, the audiophiles, the announcers and the interviewers, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you write. We’ll teach you to shoot. You’ll try an air shift. You’ll edit. You’ll create the project from concept to completion. You’ve always had the interest, now build the skills.

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