Art workshop for 6-8th graders continues Feb. 20

The Collaborative, the Marshall University School of Art and Design’s hands-on, student-centered art workshop at the Visual Arts Center, is starting back Saturday, Feb. 20, and will continue for the next three Saturdays.

During the workshop, students in grades 6-8 can expect to collaboratively explore relevant real-world themes by responding to art and creating art under the guidance of an art education professor, upper level art education students and a visual arts major. Participants will present their work in the final workshop session in the Visual Arts Center for parents, guardians and friends.

“Students will be introduced to digital photography and ways to combine printed and photocopied images with drawing,” Dr. Maribea Barnes, associate professor of art education at Marshall, said.

Barnes explained that, guided by preservice art educators and B.F.A. artists, students will first explore how light transforms cities. Then, using photographed city scenes, students will use colored oil pastels to depict light.

“The work of Impressionist artists will serve as an inspiration,” Barnes said. “These colored city scenes will serve as a backdrop for a developed character and a discussion on alter egos, super heroes and heroines. Students will have the opportunity to freely create their characters through drawing or use digital cameras to insert their image into their city scene.”

The workshop, which includes four two-hour sessions on consecutive Saturdays, costs $40. Checks should be made to Marshall University and mailed with the registration form. To register, for more information or to obtain financial assistance, please contact Barnes at or 304-696-2895.


Photo: Workshop attendees from 2014 visit the painting studio to examine the work of a B.F.A. artist developing her senior exhibition.