Outdoor Equipment Rentals

At this time, we are ONLY doing pick-up and drop-off  for outdoor equipment rentals Monday through Friday. Time slots for pick-up and drop-off are available at 8am, 12pm, and 6pm. There is no single day rentals on Saturday or Sunday. Weekend rentals must pick up Friday and return Monday.

Outdoor Rental Reservation Request

Adventure Recreation offers a comprehensive selection of camping, backpacking, kayaking, and canoeing gear for rent to the Marshall community. Our goal is to provide well-maintained, top quality equipment at the lowest prices–a steal for anyone with a sense of adventure! If you are interested in renting outdoor gear, complete our Outdoor Equipment Rental Request Form. We are currently offering curbside pick-up/drop-off ONLY for outdoor equipment rentals.

How to Rent

  1. Renters must submit Outdoor Equipment Rental Request Form and arrange a time to pick-up and drop-off outdoor equipment. Please complete the form below and list your desired pick-up/drop-off times and items you are interested in renting and we will get back to you. Submission of this rental request does not guarantee a rental.
  2. You will receive a conformation email within 12 hours confirming your rental.
  3. Online payment must be confirmed before equipment can be picked up. Login here to setup your account and online payment.
  4. All renters must sign the MRC Rental Agreement upon pickup.
  5. All pickups and drop offs will be at the MRC pull off on 5th avenue across from CVS at the pre-arrange times. Late pick-up/drop off could result in late-fees.

We encourage you to enjoy wild and wonderful West Virginia on one of the hundreds of great outdoor adventures awaiting you within a two hour drive from campus, including the New River Gorge. Not sure where to go or what to do? Visit our Outdoor Recreation Guide for some ideas!

For more information on equipment, please email recadventure@marshall.edu .

Camping and Backpacking Equipment

Item Daily M/NM Weekend M/NM Week M/NM
Backpacking Stove $2/$4 $5/$7 $8/$10
Camp Utensil Set $1/$3 $2/$4 $3/$5
Camp Cookware Set $3/$5 $8/$10 $13/$15
Backpacking Cook Set $2/$4 $5/$7 $8/$10
First Aid Kit $2/$4 $5/$7 $8/$10
Sleeping Bag $4/$6 $10/$12 $16/$18
2 Person Tent $5/$7 $13/$15 $21/$23
3 Person Tent $9/$11 $23/$25 $37/$39
4 Person Tent $7/$9 $18/$20 $29/$31
8 Person Tent $11/$13 $28/$30 $45/$47
Sleeping Pad $2/$3 $4/$6 $6/$8
LED Mini Lantern $2/$4 $5/$7 $8/$10
LED Mini Headlamp $1/$3 $2/$4 $3/$5
Internal Frame Backpacks $4/$6 $10/$12 $16/$18
Backpack Covers $1/$3 $2/$4 $3/$5
Compass $1/$3 $2/$4 $3/$5
*M (Member) & NM (Non-Member)

Water Sports Equipment

Item Daily M/NM Weekend M/NM Week M/NM
Canoe Package (includes 2 PFDs & 2 paddles) $20/$22 $40/$44 $70/$80
Touring Kayak Package (includes 1 PFD & 1 paddle) $15/$17 $30/$34 $65/$75
Spray Jacket $3/$5 $8/$10 $13/$15
Wetsuit $4/$6 $10/$12 $16/$18
Life Jacket (PFD) $2/$4 $5/$7 $8/$10
Bilge Bag, Strobe Light Kit $2/$4 $5/$7 $8/$10
Harmony Water Craft Car Top Carriers $3/$5 $8/$10 $13/$15
Whitewater Kayak Package (includes PFD, paddle, skirt & helmet) $30/$35 $55/$65 $80/$95
*M (Member) & NM (Non-Member)

Climbing Equipment

Item Daily M/NM Weekend M/NM Week M/NM
Climbing Shoes $3/$5 $8/$10 $13/$15
Crash Pad $17/$21 $30/$34 $47/$51
*M (Member) & NM (Non-Member)


Images of Items for Rent

For more information about Adventure Recreation, please contact:

Sam Iatarola
Coordinator of Adventure Recreation
Email: recadventure@marshall.edu
Telephone: 304-696-4651