ELI to Pathway

1.Review the ELI to Pathway Prezi

You may review the ELI to Pathway Prezi online at this link.

2. Attend the ELI Progression Workshop

For the fall 2020 semester, the ELI Progression Workshop will be held at the following date, time, and location:

DATE: Thursday, October 22nd

TIME: 2:30pm

LOCATION: Virtually on Teams OR in-person at East Hall 115

3. Prepare Your Financial Documentation

To receive your new I-20 after successfully completing the English Language Institute, you must provide updated financial documentation.  Financial documentation must be no older than 6 months.  Proof of financial support is required for each subsequent program.  Multiple sources of funding are acceptable, but financial documentation must be provided for each source of funding.  Be advised that Designated School Officials in the Office of International Student Services reserve the right to reject submitted financial documentation or request additional information, proof, or financial documentation on a case-by-case basis.

Types of Financial Documentation

Affidavit of Support (preferred)
Bank Statements
Loan Letters
University Scholarship or Assistantship Award
Government Funding, Scholarship, or Sponsor

Proof of Financial Support Amounts

Program Minimum Funding Amount
Undergraduate  – One year $36,894
Graduate – One year $38,690
Dependent Funding
Spouse – One year $8,020
Child – One year $4,870 per child

4. Submit the Financial Certification Form

If you are completing the financial certification form on your own, be sure that for “Select the reason you are submitting proof of financial support” you choose I am in my final term of ELI and expect to begin Pathway next semester”.

Complete the Financial Certification

5. Traveling Internationally Before Pathway? Submit a Travel Signature Request Form

If you plan to travel outside the United States before starting Pathway, be sure to let the Office of International Student Services know your travel plans.  To do this, you must submit a Request for a Travel Signature.  Your Travel Signature Request will remain pending until your new I-20 is issued.

If you will be traveling outside of the United States or if you are currently outside of the United States, please carefully review the International Travel Information page.

If you are registered for an ISS Progression Workshop, we will assist you with submitting a Request for a Travel Signature during the workshop.

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Before Pathway

Do I need a travel signature to travel inside the United States?
Can I reenter the United States with my old I-20?
Can I leave the United States before I receive my new I-20?
What documents do I need to reenter the United States after traveling abroad?
If my old I-20 has a valid travel signature, do I still need a new travel signature?

6. Receive your new I-20

ISS typically begins issuing new I-20’s about one week after the end of the semester.  If your financial documents are approved for pathway and you meet all progression requirements, you will receive an email notifying you that your new I-20 is ready for pick-up.  If you are not able to pick-up your I-20 at the Welcome Center, you can see alternative delivery options at  Document Pick-Up and Delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Receiving the I-20

What documents do I need to submit to receive my I-20?
When will I receive my I-20?
How can I receive my new I-20?
Why do I need a new I-20?
Do I need to purchase insurance BEFORE I can receive my I-20?
Do I need to register for classes before I get my I-20?

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