Honors Option Proposals for Spring 2020

The "Honors Option" or h-option may be sought by students in order to receive general honors credits in the Honors Curriculum within courses that are not honors-designated. H-options are intended to be used in limited instances where they may be unavoidably necessary for a particular student to complete their general honors credit requirements. These students should be advised by the Honors College as to any possible need for them to complete an h-option. Honors students who need to complete an h-option are expected to propose a detailed plan (referred to as a “contract”) in consultation with a faculty mentor (the instructor of the non-honors course). Ideally, this consultation begins well before the start of the semester in which a student plans to complete an h-option. The contract for an h-option is one made between the student, the faculty mentor, and the college.

We have an online form for student-submitted contract proposals as well as updated instructions for both students and their faculty mentors. Students must be sure to review the instructions with their faculty mentor. The form and instructions can be found on the Honors College website at https://www.marshall.edu/honors/forms/. Complete h-option contract proposals for Spring 2020 are due from students via the online submission form no later than Friday 24 January. H-option contract proposals are always due on the second Friday of the semester.