Honors Internships

Unleashing Potential through Experiential Learning: Internships through the Honors College

We believe that opportunities for productive learning while in college extends well beyond the traditional classroom. Our curated internship opportunities offer a blend of rigor and real-world experience, aligning seamlessly with our commitment to nurturing socially conscious, responsible leaders.

Why Choose an Honors Internship?

An internship is not just a line on your resume—it’s a journey of personal and professional growth. We have designed our Honors Internship program to integrate into your academic journey, offering honors credit in HON 489, for a range of supervised projects and work experiences–that may also be directly related to your major. These internships serve as a bridge, connecting the theoretical knowledge from your academic studies with practical application in a professional setting.

Key Goals of Our Internships:

  1. Relevant Experience: Engage in roles that directly align with your academic pursuits.
  2. Knowledge Integration: Apply classroom learning in real-world scenarios, enhancing both.
  3. Community of Practice: Immerse in a professional environment, absorbing the culture and practices.
  4. Career Clarity: Gain insights into career paths, honing your future professional choices.
  5. Skill Development: Acquire competencies that make you a standout candidate in the job market.

The Honors Internship: A Closer Look

  • Credits and Curriculum: Earn 1-4 credits under HON 489, or (in some cases) within department-specific internship courses, integrating seamlessly with your honors curriculum.
  • Eligibility: Open to Honors College members in good standing with a minimum of one year’s membership in the college.
  • Flexible Credits: Tailor your internship hours to suit your schedule, with options ranging from 50 to 150 hours per semester (where 50 hours is a 1 credit hour). Note that internship partners may require a minimum number of hours per week.
  • Paid or Unpaid: Choose from a variety of opportunities, each offering a rich learning experience.
  • Educational Alignment: Seek an internship that aligns with your major and career goals, providing a meaningful educational experience.

Expectations and Opportunities

Our internships are designed to be microcosms of future careers, offering a range of substantive tasks like designing publications, conducting surveys, developing marketing plans, and more. They provide a platform for:

  • Goal-Oriented Learning: Set and achieve clear learning goals.
  • Mentorship and Guidance: Benefit from the expertise of dedicated supervisors.
  • Reflection and Feedback: Engage in reflective evaluation of your experiences.
  • Networking: Connect with senior staff and other professionals.
  • Diverse Tasks: Tackle varied responsibilities, fostering independence and skill development.

Join us in this journey of experiential learning. Embrace the opportunities that not only align with your academic pursuits but also contribute to your personal growth and development. We’re not just preparing you for a career; we’re equipping you to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Internship Partners

You can propose any partner for your contracted internship in which you would like to earn academic and honors credit within HON 489. As we develop formal partnerships, we’ll be listing them below. These partners meet our expectations for an Honors Internship and are ready to work with you. For examples of past Honors Internships, please see the presentations here. See our Honors Internship Contract Guide.

The Appalachian Studies Association (ASA), celebrated for its interdisciplinary approach and dedication to diverse perspectives, routinely offers semester-long internships that may be extended. These positions are more than internships; they are gateways to broadening both your academic and professional landscape.

Why This Internship?

  • Upper Division Honors Core Credits: Successfully completing this internship while enrolled in HON 489, our Honors Internship Course, grants you 3 upper-division credits in the Honors Core.
  • Convenient: They ASA is based right here in Old Main at Marshall University!
  • Interdisciplinary Learning: The ASA’s work intersects various disciplines, mirroring the diverse academic environment of our Honors College.
  • Practical Experience: Engage in tasks from editorial duties to digital content curation, enriching your professional skill set.

Eligibility and Commitments:

  • Skills in technology, organization, communication, and academic writing.
  • Commitment of 10 hours weekly and travel to and participation in the ASA’s annual conference from March 6-10, 2024, in Cullowhee, NC. The ASA and Honors College will cover all costs associated with participation in the ASA annual conference!

Benefits of Participation:

  • Earn credits towards completing the Honors Core and your degree.
  • Acquire a professional reference for your career portfolio.
  • Gain experience in diverse operational aspects of a national association.

Application Process:

A two-step process opens the door to this exciting opportunity:

  1. Apply for the ASA internship following the guidelines here.
  2. Upon ASA acceptance, submit an Honors Internship Contract proposal to enroll in and earn credits through HON 489.

Deadline: Submit the ASA application as soon as possible. You’ll need to have (1) submitted the ASA application first (to be appoint an intern for the organization) and then (2) the Honors College contract for academic and honors credit no later than the second day of classes in Spring 2024, which is Tuesday 09 January.

We strongly encourage you to engage in this enriching experience that embodies the essence of our mission in the college: advancing inclusive academic excellence through responsible leadership. This internship not only fosters your personal and professional development but also through experiential learning enables you to make a tangible, positive impact within the Appalachian community.

Further Information:

The Fairfield Community Development Corporation (FCDC), a respected organization dedicated to enhancing the Fairfield neighborhood in Huntington.

Overview of FCDC: A 501(c)(3) organization, the FCDC plays a pivotal role in the Fairfield community. Their vision encompasses revitalizing the area through affordable housing, economic development, and social initiatives, aimed at improving the quality of life for residents and workers.

Internship Responsibilities: As an intern, you will work closely with FCDC’s Executive Director, RaShad Sanders, and other team members. Your role will be multifaceted, including:

  • Event planning and execution.
  • Managing program/event flow and creating meeting agendas.
  • Engaging with sponsors, donors, and vendors.
  • Marketing events via social media and other platforms.
  • Administrative tasks like ordering and tracking items, monitoring budgets.
  • Conducting needs assessments and compiling data reports.
  • Developing a digital inventory system.

This position requires excellent communication, problem-solving skills, and the ability to empathize with community members, particularly those from low-income and minority backgrounds.


  • Up to 15 hours per week.
  • Submission of college course and any concurrent work schedules.
  • Valid ID and reliable transportation.
  • Access to a laptop/computer for potential remote work.


  • Stipend from Marshall University up to $2500 per semester, paid bi-weekly or monthly.
  • Hourly pay by the FCDC.

Please note, this internship does not include health or other insurance benefits. However, all activities are covered under FCDC’s general liability insurance.

This internship represents not just a chance to gain valuable experience, but also to contribute significantly to a vibrant and dynamic community. If you are interested in applying or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application Process:

  1. Apply for the FCDC internship by contacting RaShad Sanders at fcdchuntington@gmail.com
  2. For guidance on HON 489, reach out to the Honors College office: 304-696-5421 or honorscollege@marshall.edu.