Honors College Student Association – HON 488

All students who are admitted to the Honors College are members of the Honors College Student Association (HCSA). The HCSA at Marshall University strives to create fellowship among its members that extends beyond the classroom.  By providing opportunities for educational events, social activities, and community projects, the association will support the college’s mission. This organization is a recognized student organization at Marshall University that adheres to all campus policies as set forth in the Marshall University Student Handbook as well as to those laid out in the Honors College Student Association By-laws.

All Honors College students and their friends are invited to participate in events and activities planned by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee of the HCSA is in charge of organizing at least one academic event, social event and service event for Honors College students each semester. These events contribute to fulfillment of the mission of the Honors College and their planning and delivery provide essential leadership opportunities for those who serve on the HCSA. Find further information about the HCSA on HerdLink. Note that information on HerdLink is updated at the start of each academic year.

The organization’s activities are led by a Steering Committee of students who enroll in HON 488, which is offered each semester. HON 488 is a student-led experiential and collaborative learning course in the Honors College. There are up to 12 Steering Committee members, 4 of whom serve as officers for an entire academic year. As one of the college’s student-led courses, it is not a faculty-taught instructional course. Rather, HON 488 is an institutional means for students to earn academic credit for educationally productive work on behalf of the college and its students. The class meeting time is determined in consultation with all registered students in the week prior to the start of the term (if not before) by the officers.

2023-2024 HCSA Steering Committee


Benjamin McElroy – President
Ally Welch – Vice President
Olivia Moncada – Secretary
Connor Waller – Treasurer


Jayln Armstrong
Jacob Blizzard
Myra Cuffee
Tyler Marcum
Emily McClung


Cara Bailey, Assistant Dean

Powers and Duties of Officers

As prescribed in the Honors College Student Association By-laws, Steering Committee officers are expected to serve for a full academic year.  When an unavoidable class conflict will not permit an officer to enroll in the Steering Committee course in the spring term, the officer shall resign.  The vacant office shall be filled from among Steering Committee members and another student will be recruited to join the Steering Committee.

  • The President shall preside at all meetings and shall prepare the agenda for the meetings. The President shall appoint all committees and chairs, who will serve until the President’s term has expired.
  • The Vice President shall preside over organizational meetings in the absence of the President. In consultation with the Honors College Student Association advisor, they are to prepare a syllabus for the HON Steering Committee course each semester and perform public relations for the association, such as maintaining the official webpage and maintaining all social media accounts related to HCSA. The Vice President shall perform all legal duties assigned by the President.
  • The Secretary is the official reference for follow-ups on the duties of each member of the steering committee from the previous week.
  • The Treasurer shall, in consultation with the HCSA faculty advisor, arrange to update bank signature cards, collect and deposit money paid to the organization in any of its events, prepare a monthly treasury report, and be an ex officio member of any fundraising or financial project committees.


Find the HCSA organizational page on Herdlink.

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