HCCAP Committee

The Honors College Curriculum and Policies Committee (HCCAP) serves as the governance body for the College and approves all policies and any changes to them. Voting membership consists of faculty representatives who, ideally, represent all colleges at Marshall University and serve two-year terms. The Committee also includes two Honors student representatives who serve one-year terms.

Deadline for proposals and policy changes:  Faculty who are interested in teaching for the Honors College, including submitting a proposal for an Honors Seminar (a section of HON 480) should visit the Teaching Honors page for more information. The HCCAP Committee reviews applications at least one semester prior to an approved course offering. We will be meeting to review  courses in Fall 2018 for those seminars that could be offered in Spring 2019 (or potentially later).

  • Spring 2019 proposals: Wednesday 05 September 2018. The Fall 2018 HCCAP Committee meeting will be held on 14 September 2018.
  • Fall 2019 proposals: Wednesday 30 January 2019. The Spring 2019 HCCAP Committee meeting will be held in the week of 04 February 2019.  Day TBA.

Honors College Curriculum and Policies Committee  2018-2019

CAM Sandra Reed Art and Design (20)
LCOB Deanna Mader Marketing (19)
COHP Peggy Proudfoot Harman Social Work (19)
COLA Jana Tigchelaar English (20)
COS Anne Axel Biological Sciences (19)
CITE Paulus Wahjudi Weisberg Division of Computer Science (20)
Student Lauren Reasor Honors College (19)
Student Victoria Endres Yeager Scholar, Honors College (19)
Honors College Nicki LoCascio Dean
Honors College Brian A. Hoey Associate Dean, HCCAP Chair
Honors College Sandra Yentes Honors Advisor
Honors College Kate McComas Office Administrator, HCCAP Secretary

For Committee members: Access the HCCAP Sharepoint site. Members will need to use MU login credentials. If you are accessing the site from off-campus, you will need to use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client (as required by MU Information Technology) to access the inside.marshall.edu domain of our site. If needed, you may learn about and download the VPN client here.