Students in the Honors College are provided with a number of distinct benefits that are afforded them for their sustained membership. These include the following:

  • Merit-based scholarships (For questions regarding scholarships and financial aid please go to Student Financial Aid.)
  • Early course registration privileges
  • Interesting interdisciplinary Honors Seminars (HON 480) that can fulfill General Education requirements
  • Smaller class sizes for both HON and H-designated, departmental courses that can fulfill General Education requirements
  • Computer lab with printing
  • Extended library borrowing
  • Study lounge
  • Opportunities for travel support to present at conferences or for study abroad
  • Honors Living Learning Communities in the First Year Residence Halls & Willis Hall. Rooms may be limited and are available on a first come first served basis. (For questions regarding housing please go to:
  • Membership in the Honors College Student Association
  • The opportunity to work with exceptional, dedicated faculty

Honors students have access to a community of fellow honors students as well as outstanding faculty within honors seminars with whom you can learn remarkable things and build meaningful relationships.