TEDxMarshallU Honors Internship – HON 490

TEDXMarshallU logoThe TEDxMarshallU Internship is one of the Honors College’s many experiential learning opportunities. The TEDxMarshallU Honors Internship is an opportunity to participate on a student-organized and faculty-mentored organizing/planning team for a high-profile TEDx event. Students apply for and those that are successful in their application are assigned different roles necessary for the planning, organizing, promotion, and execution of a TEDxMarshallU event during the academic year. These roles include, executive producer, event manager, curation coordinator, sponsorships, budgets, and purchasing manager, designer, communications, editorial, and marketing director, and video and production lead. They will also create a personal portfolio of their experiences to pass to the next organizing team and help them see how the internship experience can apply to their personal career development. Student team members must commit to participating for the full academic year with a 1-credit course in the fall and 2-credit course in the spring semester. This course is listed as HON 490. Read more about the TEDxMarshallU Honors Internship and the roles available.

TEDxMarshallU with Honors College student Ellie White

If you’re interested in applying for one of the defined roles, you can apply below. If you have any questions, you can reach out to Brian Kinghorn, who serves as the TEDx licensee for Marshall University and Faculty Mentor for the team. Dr. Kinghorn will forward names of selected team members to the college prior to Honors Advising and Priority Registration so that these students can be permitted to enroll.

If you would like to apply to be a member of the 2024-2025 organizing team, please submit an application below by Friday March 29. All positions are open until filled, but applications submitted by the deadline will be given priority.

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Intern Testimonials

In the TEDxMarshallU Honors Internship for the 2022-2023 academic year, I served as the Curation Coordinator, so I did a lot of logistical work, communications with the speakers, team assignments, and more for TEDxMarshallU. I want to offer a few of my own thoughts on the experience.

The nature of the internship of TEDx was different from any other class I have ever taken. It truly is an outstanding experiential learning opportunity that imparts a lot of soft skills as well as opportunities for personal development and growth. Yes, TEDx takes time, effort and can be intense. However, it was entirely worth it. I learned to work with a team, got to know professors on a professional (and not simply academic) level, worked with fellow students, and, most importantly, worked with our speakers who (and you can see this if you look at some of our previous year’s speakers) are truly pillars of their community. This year, I got to work with three speakers—RaShad Sanders, Audy Perry, and Ashalia Aggarwal. RaShad is the executive director at the Fairfield Community Development Corporation, Audy Perry is the head of Heritage Farm, and Ashalia is a first-year medical student at Marshall’s Medical School. I doubt you could find any other opportunity on campus to meet such amazing people!

In the words of our Executive Producer Bex Law, “After TEDx, I feel like I can conquer the world.” If you join, you will soon learn the immensity of setting up a TEDx event. You might feel lost or perhaps even question how the team will go from that first meeting to bringing everything together—I know I certainly felt that way. However, on the actual day of the event when everything comes together, and you see your own contributions, realize the great deal of things you learned to do that no academic classroom could ever teach you, and understand the caliber of people you’ve worked with (professors, students, and speakers), I think you will see the value that the TEDx Internship offers. You will also realize that you can do things you did not realize you could do, and, especially, you will see how a well organized team with a clear vision can do amazing things.

Alexis Campbell, Curation Coordinator

TEDxMarshallU, 2022-2023

Selected TEDxMarshallU Talks

In her delightfully captivating talk full of beautiful images of Ireland’s most iconic archeological sites and people gathered in shared celebrations, Clare Tuffy tells her story of bringing locals and tourists together in Ireland’s Boyne Valley through using the Brú na Bóinne Visitor Center as the local community center. With the hope that other organizations will similarly build connections and community through sharing spaces, she describes the challenges and amazing successes she witnessed as tourists and locals gathered together through their shared connection to local archeological monuments like Newgrange. Clare Tuffy worked for the Office of Public Works for over 40 years managing visitor services at National Monuments sites in the Boyne Valley in Ireland. She was manager of Brú na Bóinne Visitor Centre, which is the starting point for all visits to the World Heritage Properties of Newgrange and Knowth. She also managed visitor services at the Hill of Tara, Old Mellifont Abbey, Trim Castle and Loughcrew. Altogether, these sites receive approximately 500,000 visitors annually. She retired in 2022. Clare has extensive experience in lecturing, teaching, and broadcasting and has written visitor guides to archaeological sites. She has worked with schools to develop educational programmes. Clare continues to work with communities to promote the use and appreciation of the monuments in their local area. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

TEDxMarshallU, 2024

Biologist Kathleen McAuliffe dives into new research that suggests certain bacteria in your gut can influence major parts of who you are, from your personality to life-changing neurological disorders. Learn more about how this emerging science could change how we treat disease — and discover the impact of your internal microbial makeup on your mood, weight and more

TEDxMarshallU, 2023