Courses: Honors Seminars and Honors-Designated

Honors Seminars (HON 480)

Spring 2019

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Course     Meetings & Location Instructor/s General Education Attributes
HON 480 201 SpTp: Reading Infinite Jest MW, 2:00p – 3:15p OM 230 Young, John Writing Intensive
HON 480 202 SpTp: Polio TR, 12:30p – 1:45p OM 353 LoCascio, Nicola
HON 480 203 SpTp: Death and its Aftermath TR, 2:00p – 3:15p HH 403 Conley Riner, Robin; Franzen, Christina
HON 480 204 SpTp: A.Hamilton: Hip-Hop Muse TR, 2:00p – 3:15p OM 314 Proctor, Patricia
HON 480 205 SpTp: Crit Thinking Soc Media TR, 4:00p – 5:15p SH 628 Kinghorn, Brian
HON 480 206 SpTp: Spanish Art XVI-XX Cent W, 4:00p – 6:20p SH 437 Gratchev, Viatcheslav
HON 480 207 SpTp: Internet Famous R, 4:00p – 6:20p HH 342 Fugett, April; Black, Britani Writing Intensive


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Honors Seminars (First or Second Year) and Honors Designated Courses

The following lists are of Honors Seminars (First and Second Year) and departmentally designated honors-sections of courses. In fulfilling General Education requirements at Marshall (Core I, Core II, and Additional University Requirements as seen in Degree Works), we advise our students to take honors-sections (any course with an “H” at the end, such as ANT201H or CMM104H) as much as possible as a means to complete both the required 12-hours of “general” honors credits of the Honors Curriculum as well as their General Education requirements at the same time. The first two lists are of mandatory first- and second-year Honors Seminars (i.e., FYS 100H and HON 200). Together with a minimum of two HON 480 Honors Seminars (the list above), these two different seminar courses complete the remaining 12-hours out of the total 24-hours of the Honors Curriculum.

Spring 2019

Course Meetings & Location Instructor General Education Attributes
Honors Seminar Courses (First Year)
FYS 100H 201 3337 First Year Seminar-Honors MWF, 09:00a – 09:50a HH 137 Welch, Mary Core I Curriculum
FYS 100H 202 3338 First Year Seminar-Honors MWF, 10:00a – 10:50a SH 108 Mummert, Anna Core I Curriculum
FYS 100H 203 3339 First Year Seminar-Honors MWF, 11:00a – 11:50a HH 229 Welch, Mary Core I Curriculum
FYS 100H 204 3340 First Year Seminar-Honors TR, 11:00a – 12:15p HH 302 Proctor, Patricia Core I Curriculum
FYS 100H 205 3341 First Year Seminar-Honors TR, 12:30p – 1:45p HH 137 Ingersoll, Christine Core I Curriculum
Honors Seminar Courses (Second Year)
HON 200 201 3419 Second Year Seminar TR, 11:00a – 12:15p WAEC 1101 Davis, Sarah
HON 200 202 3420 Second Year Seminar MW, 5:00p – 6:20p CH 436 James, Matthew
HON 200 203 3421 Second Year Seminar T, 4:00p – 6:20p HH 229 Wolfe, Elizabeth
HON 200 204 3422 Second Year Seminar W, 6:30p – 9:00p HH 229 Biggs, Michelle
HON 200 205 3423 Second Year Seminar R, 4:00p-6:20p HH 229 McClennen, Molly
Departmental Honors-Designated Courses
ANT 201H 201 2053 Cultural Anthropology Honors (CT) TR, 11:00a – 12:15p SH 529 Conley Riner, Robin Critical Thinking, International, Social Sciences Core II
CHM 218H 201 2396 Principles of Chem Honor Lab II TR, 08:00a – 09:15a S 465 Castellani, Michael
CHM 361H 201 2411 Intro Honors Organic Chem Lab TR, 2:00p – 2:50p
TR, 3:00p – 4:50p
S 405
S 412
Markiewicz, John
CHM 390H 201 2414 Honors in Chemistry HTN TBA Castellani, Michael
CMM 104H 201 2734 Honors in Speech Comm TR, 09:30a – 10:45a SH 232 Adkins, Clara Communication Studies
CMM 104H 202 2735 Honors in Speech Comm TR, 11:00a – 12:15p SH 232 Adkins, Clara Communication Studies
ENG 200H 201 3027 Texting the World (CT) MWF, 10:00a – 10:50a CH 306 Lawrence, Angela Critical Thinking
ENG 200H 202 3028 Texting the World (CT) MW, 2:00p – 3:15p CH 306 Daniel, Abby Critical Thinking,
Writing Intensive
ENG 200H 203 3029 Texting the World (CT) TR, 11:00a – 12:15p CH 408 Sullivan, Margaret Critical Thinking
HST 102H 201 3537 World & West 1300-1850 (CT) MWF, 09:00a – 09:50a HH 136 Rutherford, Phillip Critical Thinking,
MUS 604H 201 4280 Woodwind Literature HTN TBA STAFF
PSY 201H 201 4732 General Psychology-Honors (CT) MWF, 10:00a – 10:50a HH 302 Corbett-Alderman, Tammy Critical Thinking
SOC 200H 201 5015 Intro Sociology Honors (CT) TR, 09:30a – 10:45a SH 529 Roth, Frederick American Institutions, Critical Thinking,
Multicultural, Social Science Core II
SOC 200H 202 5016 Intro Sociology Honors (CT) TR, 12:30p – 1:45p SH 530 Sullivan, Donna American Institutions, Critical Thinking,
Multicultural, Writing Intensive, Science Core II