Courses: Honors Seminars and Honors-Designated

Upper-Level Honors Seminars (HON 480) and Service/Leadership Courses (HON 484 & 488)

Honors students are required to complete at least two HON 480 Honors Seminars as part of the Honors Curriculum. Each semester there are several of these small, interdisciplinary seminars offered through the College by outstanding faculty from across the University.

In addition to the Honors Seminars, the college also offers by permission only our two administrative courses that allow students valuable service and leadership experience opportunities. The first of these courses is HON 484 The Honors Oracle (newsletter). Students in this course develop at least three published newsletters for the Honors College each semester while serving as either a writer or editor. The second of these administrative courses is HON 488 Honors College Student Association (HCSA) Steering Committee, which is an MU SGA recognized organization. The Steering Committee is in charge of organizing at least one academic event, social event and service event for Honors College students each semester. These events contribute to fulfillment of the mission of the Honors College and their planning and delivery provide essential leadership opportunities for those who serve on the HCSA.

Enrollment in all courses within this first section are controlled by the Honors College as they are by permission only. Students attend Honors Advising sessions, typically arranged by appointment, to obtain permission to register for these courses. Those students who are nearest to graduation are given priority for HON 480 seminars.

Spring 2021

HON 480 201 3346 3 SpTp: Music and Film TR, 2:00p – 3:15p Lawson, Kay
HON 480 202 3347 4 SpTp: Design Thinking MW, 3:00p – 4:15p Ingersoll, Christine
HON 480 203 3348 3 SpTp: Trauma TR, 9:30a – 10:45a Linz, Marianna; Reed, Melissa
HON 480 204 3349 3 SpTp: Design, Planning & Health TR, 4:00p – 5:15p Hoey, Brian
HON 480 205 3350 3 SpTp: Law in Film and Letters M, 4:00p – 6:20p Proctor, Patricia
HON 480 206 3351 3 SpTp: Italian Renaissance W, 4:00p – 6:20p Gratchev, Viatcheslav
HON 484 201 3352 1 Honors College Newsletter (Writers) TBD Hoey, Brian
HON 484 202 3353 2 Honors College Newsletter (Editors) TBD Hoey, Brian
HON 488 201 3356 1 Student Assoc Steering Comm (Members) Hoey, Brian
HON 488 202 3357 2 Student Assoc Steering Comm (Officers) TBD Hoey, Brian

PDF with details (including descriptions) of our Spring 2021 seminars.

Honors Seminar Archives

Honors Seminars (First or Second Year) and Honors-Designated Courses

The following list is of Honors Seminars (First and Second Year) and departmentally designated honors-sections of courses. In fulfilling General Education requirements at Marshall (Core I, Core II, and Additional University Requirements as seen in Degree Works), we advise our students to take honors-sections (any course with an “H” at the end, such as ANT201H or CMM104H) as much as possible as a means to complete both the required 12-hours of “general” honors credits of the Honors Curriculum as well as their General Education requirements at the same time. The list also includes mandatory first- and second-year Honors Seminars (i.e., FYS 100H and HON 200). Note that HON 200 is only taught in the spring semester. The FYS 100H and HON 200 seminar courses, together with a minimum of two HON 480 Honors Seminars (in the list above), contribute 12-hours out of the total 24-hours of the Honors Curriculum.

Spring 2021

ANT 201H 201 2064 3 Cultural Anthropol Honors (CT) TR, 09:30a – 10:45a Conley Riner, Robin Critical Thinking, International, Writing Intensive
CHM 218H 201 2378 4 Prin Chem Honor Lab II TR, 08:00a – 09:15a Castellani, Michael
CHM 361H 201 2393 3 Intro Honors Organic Chem Lab TR, 1:00p – 1:50p Markiewicz, John
CHM 390H 201 2396 1 to 4 Honors in Chemistry Castellani, Michael
CMM 104H 201 2673 3 Honors in Speech Comm TR, 09:30a – 10:45a Adkins, Clara
CMM 104H 201 2674 3 Honors in Speech Comm TR, 11:00a – 12:15p Adkins, Clara
ENG 200H 201 2985 3 Texting the World (CT) MWF, 09:00a – 09:50a Diehl, Shoshannah Critical Thinking
ENG 200H 201 2986 3 Texting the World (CT) Asynchronous Lawrence, Angela Critical Thinking, Online
FYS 100H 101 3260 3 First Year Seminar-Honors MWF, 12:00p – 12:50p Welch, Mary
FYS 100H 202 3261 3 First Year Seminar-Honors MWF, 1:00p – 1:50p Welch, Mary
FYS 100H 203 3262 3 First Year Seminar-Honors TR, 2:00p – 3:15p Ingersoll, Christine
HON 200 201 3338 3 Second Year Seminar TR, 09:30a – 10:45a Davis, Sarah
HON 200 202 3339 3 Second Year Seminar TR, 12:30p – 1:45p Biggs, Michele
HON 200 203 3340 3 Second Year Seminar TR, 5:00p – 6:15p James, Matthew/td>
HON 200 204 3341 3 Second Year Seminar M, 4:00p – 6:20p Biggs, Michele
HON 200 205 3342 3 Second Year Seminar W, 4:00p – 6:20p McClennen, Molly
HON 200 206 3343 3 Second Year Seminar R, 4:00p – 6:20p /td> Johnson, Kelli
HST 102H 101 2544 3 World & West 1300-1850 (CT) MWF, 09:00a – 09:50a Rutherford, Phillip Critical Thinking, Multicultural
MUS 142H 201 3896 3 Music in Society Honors MWF, 11:00a – 11:50a Lawson, Kay
PSY 201H 201 4493 3 General Psychology-Honors (CT) MWF, 10:00a – 10:50a Corbett-Alderman, Tammy Critical Thinking
SOC 200H 201 4727 3 General Psychology-Honors (CT) Asynchronous Sullivan, Donna Critical Thinking, Multicultural, Online