Student Checklist

Before Student Orientation

You’ll want to have a look at the Admitted Freshman Steps for instructions from the Office of Admissions
  • For students receiving admission to the college through our Admission by Invitation pathway, be sure to accept your invitation to join the Honors College before 01 May in myMU.
  • For students who have requesting review through our Admission by Holistic Review pathway for possible admission, make sure that you submit your application before 15 April.
  • For ALL admitted students (by either pathway), accept the admitted student Honors College Scholarship award by 15 May in your myMU.
    • For a helpful checklist for students intending to become #oneoftheherd, checkout the university’s own Enrollment Checklist. Students will need to have activated their student account (as seen in the Enrollment Checklist list under “ID and Computing Account” in order to obtain their login credentials for accessing myMU and accepting the Honors College invitation. IF you have issues after setting up your account, try the Login Self Service.
  • Be sure to check out the scholarships available to incoming, first-year students in the Honors college. Eligibility is based on criteria laid out in the original donor agreements for the funds that support these scholarships and may have standardized test score requirements at least as high as those for or Admission by Invitation pathway. These have variable due dates beginning in December and ending in March.
  • If you’re interested in joining the Honors House in the residence halls here on campus, make sure that you explore that experiential learning opportunity and contact Housing and Residence Life.
  • Go ahead and use #HerdHonors on social media to let everyone know you’re a proud member of the Honors College at Marshall University!

Student Orientation

There is not a separate Honors College session at Orientation–though you are welcome to come visit us in Old Main 230–so please review this checklist carefully. During Summer Orientation, you will meet with an academic advisor. You will receive your schedule for fall classes at that time. As an Honors College student, there are several things you should pay close attention to at Orientation and in the fall semester.

  • Make sure your academic advisor is aware you are in the Honors College when you meet at Orientation. This will help insure you are getting the sections you need to meet honors requirements.
  • Be sure you are NOT registered for FYS100, which is not an honors-designated course. Honors students are required to take FYS100H, not FYS100. The “H” designation is the critical distinction for Honors students. You may take FYS100H in either fall or spring of your first year.
  • Please review the list of general education classes offering an Honors section. You can find it here: Scroll down to “Honors Designated Courses.” If you are registered for a non-honors section of any of the courses you see there (e.g. PSY201 rather than PSY201H), please talk to your advisor about switching sections or waiting until a future semester to take that course.

In Your First Fall Semester

  • All Honors College students are required to attend a mandatory First Year Check-In during their first semester at Marshall. These are one-on-one sessions with an advisor in the college that you will be expected to schedule. Watch your Marshall email account early in the fall semester for more details about scheduling and for how the session will be conducted.
  • Take some time to look through the Honors College website in full.
  • Pay special attention to the section on the page found at “Current Students” > “Advising …” > titled “Good Standing” as it outlines the requirements for staying in good standing and on track with the Honors College curriculum.
  • This website is updated regularly with current notices for events and expectations. Start a habit of checking it regularly and, in particular, looking over information in the right hand sidebar.
  • The Honors College staff is available to help answer questions relating to curriculum, policy, benefits, activities, and the student association.

If you have specific questions about any housing issues (including the Honors House) please go to Housing and Residence Life:

If you have specific questions about any financial assistance issues please go to Student Financial Assistance: