First Year Check-In Advising Sessions

Attending a First Year Check-In Advising (FYCI) Appointment with the Honors College is MANDATORY because it is an opportunity for students to sit down with a college representative to discuss the curriculum and identify the best way to complete it given the particular situation of each student. It is also a chance to learn expectations to stay in Good Standing and continue making Satisfactory Progress toward graduation from the Honors College and to ask questions. Links to make your appointment with a member of the Honors College staff are located at the bottom of this page.

Students should be sure to watch their Marshall email account for all the information about how to schedule their First Year Check-In. The email will provide additional details, but students should be aware that in order to accommodate everyone, we schedule these in groups based on last names. We typically meet with 200 incoming students over a four week period. To facilitate these appointments while keeping up with our other responsibilities, we divide students into groups to spread them out. For that reason, we ask that you please be sure to attend during your assigned week. Students shouldn’t panic if they are not notified about scheduling an appointment at the same time as some of their friends in the Honors College.

Individual appointments (according to this schedule) will be made through an appointment-making app link that will be provided on this page when the first email messages are sent as noted in the schedule below. Information for Fall 2023 is below.

If your last name begins with: Look for your email: Your appointment will take place between:
A – Di 09/6 09/11 – 09/15
Do – K 09/13 09/18 – 09/22
L – Ra 09/20 09/25 – 09/29
Ri – Z 09/27 10/02 – 10/06

Please schedule your appointment through one of the links below ONLY AFTER you’ve received your invitation to make an appointment. Heather Brooks is our primary advisor, but all staff in the college listed below advise during FYCI.

Heather Brooks, Honors College Advisor

Cara Bailey, Assistant Dean

Dr. Brian Hoey, Dean

Heather Smith, Program Manager of the Office of National Scholarships


View the Honors College Advising Sheet

You’ll be provided with a copy of the sheet at your FYCI appointment.