Forms for Students

The following list includes forms (and supplementary materials) needed by students to make specific requests of the Honors College. Please direct any questions regarding their use to

Honors Option (H-Option) Contract Proposal Form InstructionsPDF – An overview of required elements of the proposal and administrative requirements for h-options. This document should be used by students planning an h-option with a Faculty Mentor before submitting the online form (via the link below). Please note that H-options are intended to serve in limited cases where a student may be unable to complete the General Honors portion of our curriculum with honors-designated courses. Students are very strongly encouraged to know their professor and to have worked with them well in advance of the semester in which a student seeks to submit a proposal to complete an h-option in a regularly scheduled course being offered by this professor.


Please be aware of the following policies regarding h-options: “All proposals for h-options must be approved by the Honors College. No more than one h-option may be arranged per semester and no more than two may be completed with the same professor. Online and summer school courses are not eligible for h-options” (Honors College Policy Handbook).

H-Option Contract Proposal FormONLINE SUBMISSION (New for Spring 2019+ proposals) – Due every semester on the second Friday in the same semester as the proposed h-option. For Fall 2019, that date is 06 September. While faculty will need to work with the honors student to develop the H-option, the student is expected to submit ALL materials. Incomplete and/or insufficient (lack of requested detail as described in the instructions above) applications may require re-submission upon notification by the Honors College.


Students with completed and approved applications will receive an approval notice (also sent to their Faculty Mentor) no later than the third Friday of the semester. If you have not received an approval notice by email, you should contact the Honors College.

H-Option Contract Proposal Form for OFFLINE REVIEW OF SUBMISSION FORM (PDF) – Optional to assist preparation of the contract proposal offline to later complete online submission.

Honors Independent Study FormPDF

Study Abroad Honors Credit Waiver Petition FormPDF

Seminar Enrollment PetitionPDF

Appeal for ReinstatementPDF

Honors College Exception RequestPDF

Honors Plan of Study for 3+2 programsPDF

Honors College Student Achievement RecognitionONLINE SUBMISSION – Congratulations on your achievement as a student in the Marshall University Honors College. We would like to hear about it. If you’d like to let us know and, potentially, to let others know as well (e.g., through our website, social media accounts, the Honors College student-publication “The Honors Oracle,” and/or by referral to MU Communications), please fill out the information in the online form as requested. Achievements should be within the past three months or pending. You will be asked to categorize your achievement, consider a “title” for it, describe it, and provide optional materials and images. You’ll also be asked if there is a faculty member who should be recognized for having mentored you.