The Honors Oracle News – HON 484

The Honors Oracle strives to present Honors College news and information of interest to members of the college creatively and factually.

The Honors Oracle is a product of student effort in the context of the HON 484 course. As one of the college’s student-led experiential and collaborative learning courses, it is not a faculty-taught instructional course. Rather, HON 484 is an institutional means for students to earn academic credit for educationally productive work on behalf of the college and its students. The class meeting time is determined in consultation with all registered students in the week prior to the start of the term (if not before) by the Executive Editor. Serving on the Honors Oracle entails registering for HON 484. Honors students who are interested in joining the staff of the Honors Oracle, should let the college know well in advance of priority registration as permission must be given to register and spaces are limited. Writers earn 1 credit hour and editorial staff earn 2 credit hours toward fulfilling their general honors credit requirements that are a part of the Honors Curriculum.

Through collaborative peer-mentorship, students in this course learn about journalistic writing, develop interpersonal skills through interviewing at least two sources per story and create publishable work that could be suitable for resumes and portfolios. Students are required to write at least one story per issue, with three issues in the semester, but may do more. Students attend at least seven of the Oracle’s eight meeting times per semester, where they discuss story ideas or edit peer rough drafts. Editors help their peers to develop story ideas, edit their work and act as a bridge between the Honors College and the Oracle staff, with one editor being tasked with designing the Oracle. Reporters have a chance to move into editing positions, if they wish to do so.

Publication and Archiving

Each semester, the Honors Oracle is published on Marshall Digital Scholar (MDS). MDS is the institutional repository for creative and scholarly work produced at Marshall University. The Honors College’s MDS page below is an archive of the work of the Honors Oracle (and its forerunner the Honors News). You can explore and download issues “Download” button in the right-hand sidebar.

You can share editions through social media or email with a click on one of the links in the right-hand sidebar on that MDS page. You can also find an RSS feed for the Honors Oracle on in the left-hand sidebar on the page linked to above. It is possible to subscribe to the feed and never miss an edition by clicking on “Notify me via email or RSS.”

Enjoy this student publication and also be sure to also refer to Twitter (@MarshallUHonors) and this website for other sources of Honors College news (see the right hand sidebar).