MU Honors College Update, Fall 2020 Edition

What’s been going on in the Honors College since the pandemic began in the midst of the Spring 2020 semester and what are we planning in the college for this fall?

The Honors College Update is a singular place to find many news items and relevant information for a given time period that we have distributed in a variety of formats elsewhere. In most instances, additional details are available by clicking on appropriate links, including “Read More” links. In the Update, we’ve taken a chronological approach to bring you along from where we’ve been in the spring and summer to where we are now going into the fall semester.

When you follow the link to the Update page, you can simply scroll through the information and you will see individual news items by the headers that you see below. You can navigate directly to any one of the numbered news items through the Navigate button that appears in the lower righthand corner of your screen when you begin scrolling downward. The Update works well on a smartphone or tablet.

Check it out …

The Marshall University Honors College Update for Fall 2020
The Marshall University Honors College Update for Fall 2020