Students: Honors Option Contract Proposals DUE 04 September

Honors students may request to complete an “Honors Option” (h-option) with faculty in courses that are not honors-designated. Complete h-option proposals are due from students via the online submission form no later than Friday, Sept. 4. The prohibition on h-options in online courses is suspended for Fall 2020. Honors students who seek to complete an h-option are expected to propose a plan in consultation with a faculty mentor in order to receive general honors credits toward completion of the Honors Curriculum. H-options are intended be employed in limited cases where they may be unavoidably necessary to complete these credit requirements. Students should be advised by the Honors College as to any need for them to complete an h-option. For faculty who are willing to assist students to prepare and complete an h-option in a course that you are teaching, we have an online form for student-submitted proposals as well as updated instructions for both students and their faculty mentors. The form and instructions can be found on the student forms page on Honors College website at