Application Open: Student Internship Opportunity for Spring 2023


Greetings, Citizen-Scholars of the Honors College!

As part of Marshall’s Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Quality Initiative, the university is partnering with the Fairfield Community Development Corporation to provide a student with an internship experience each semester and we are currently looking for a student to take on this rewarding position during the Spring 2023 semester. The Honors College is a major partner in many elements of the HLC Quality Initiative and we want to see our students engaged in this essential work toward our accreditation as a university.

While great for any student seeking a productive experiential learning opportunity while doing good in our community, for those students who have a required/recommended internship in their degree program, you are especially encouraged. This internship is open to students from any college. The Honors College wants to see our students apply given that the work associated with this position is central to our mission as a college. To be considered, the applicant must upload a statement from a faculty or staff sponsor approving their application and agreeing to work with the Executive Director of the Fairfield Community Development Corporation on the evaluation of the internship experience.

Honors students can earn honors credits toward the completion of their requirements in college by opting to have this experience “contracted” with the college as an Honors Internship. For information on the opportunity to complete this experience as an Honors Internship, please contact Dr. Brian A. Hoey at While open until filled, for honors students seeking honors credits, you should contact the Honors College and apply soon.

For questions regarding the particulars of the position with Fairfield Community Development Corporation, reach out to Dr. Mary Beth Reynolds at or at 304-696-2987. The selection process for the position is not being done by the Honors College.

We hope that we will see this important position filled by one of our outstanding students in the Honors College!

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