Honors Faculty Fellow Proposals for 2023-2024 Due by May 15th


The Honors College at Marshall University serves the entire university as we have majors in all academic programs. We depend on collaborating with faculty and their academic departments in every college at Marshall. That is our most valuable resource—these partnerships. Without healthy relationships of mutual understanding and support, we cannot achieve our mission and will not deliver on our promises to students.

To recognize and support faculty who make a special commitment to the mission of honors education at Marshall, the Honors College developed an Honors Faculty Fellows program. We will have single academic-year appointments as a cohort of fellows with potential for individual faculty renewal. Honors Faculty Fellows can apply for funding (currently up to $2000) from the Honors College to support activities related to their appointment. Faculty projects can include course development for the college, curricular or co-curricular experiential learning opportunities for honors students, or something entirely different from anything we’ve had before. We’re a hub of innovation—so we’re open to your hopes and dreams!

Informed by our core mission, the college enthusiastically joined the university’s Higher Learning Commission Quality Initiative. Through this re-accreditation initiative, Marshall has set our course to become a more flexible, stronger, and inclusive college through recruitment, admission, support, and retention of an increasingly diverse student population. Information on the HLC Quality Initiative is included here to help inspire faculty seeking to join our inaugural cohort to plan for activities that would contribute to the theme of “Building a Stronger and More Inclusive Marshall Community.” As part of our Higher Learning Commission accreditation process, Marshall University embarked on this initiative in Fall 2022. An array of projects intended to promote a strong and inclusive community at Marshall engages the campus for the defined years of the initiative and beyond.

Successful Honors Faculty Fellow applicants will effectively discuss how their project aligns with the goals of this institutional initiative: https://www.marshall.edu/hlc-qi/hlc-qi-goals/.

The deadline for Honors Faculty Fellow proposals is May 15th 2023, for a 2023-2024 academic appointment. Please see our website at https://www.marshall.edu/honors/fellows/ for details and our proposal submission link.

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