Regaining F-1 Student Status

Student Wellness Resources

We strongly encourage all students who are facing an immigration status issue and any other personal hardships to reach out to the Office of Student Affairs and The Office of Advocacy and Support  to provide additional support and resources, as available.  Students in these situations are also  encouraged to reach out to the Counseling Center as needed.

Proof of Financial Support

Sufficient Proof of Financial Support is required to receive a Form I-20 to regain status.  After submitting the Request to Regain F-1 Status Form below, students will be prompted to complete the Financial Certification and upload supporting financial documents.  For more information, please review the Preparing Financial Documentation handout.

Download Affidavit of Support

Supplemental Documents

Regaining F-1 Status requires additional supporting documentation. Please be sure to prepare the following supplemental documents in electronic format:

Please select how your would like to regain F-1 status:
Regaining F-1 Student Status by Reinstatement Regaining F-1 Status by Travel & Reentry

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Be Cautious of Scams!

If you receive a suspicious email or phone call, please contact our office immediately before taking further action. To learn more about how to protect yourself from common scams, click on the bolded text for information from Study in the States and USCIS.


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