Honors College Student Association 23-24 Officer Election


Dear Honors College Students,

As the leadership team of your student organization, the Steering Committee of the Honors College Student Association (HCSA) would like to announce that elections for officers of the 2023-2024 Steering Committee will begin three weeks from today. I am conveying their announcement to you as the Faculty Advisor to the HCSA. All students in the Honors College are members of the Honors College Student Association and eligible to participate in the election (as either voter or candidate).

Here’s the timeline of the election process:

  • Monday 27 March – Notification to membership of the HCSA of upcoming election (this message)
  • Monday 10 April – Deadline for self-nominations for officer positions (see below for details)
  • Monday 17 April until Friday 21 April – Voting through the ballot will be available on the HCSA page on HerdLink
  • Monday 24 April – Anticipated announcement of election results

During the next two weeks, Honors students in good standing with the college may self-nominate for one of four officer positions. Nominations should be sent to the Dean of the Honors College per the instructions found in the Association By-laws seen here:

Members may nominate themselves for up to one office. The email for candidacy should include the position desired, first and last name, class standing, major, 100-word combined biography and a statement of interest in Honors College Student Organization, e-mail address, and an optional picture. Nominations received up to one business day before the election will be duly accepted and placed on a ballot sheet.

Elected officers in the Steering Committee typically enroll in HON 488. This experiential CR/NC course in the college serves as the institutional means of providing academic credit in recognition of service and leadership work on behalf of the college. Officers earn two credits per semester. These credits may count toward completing the general honors portion of the Honors Curriculum. You may find information about the Steering Committee and descriptions of the duties of officers on our website:  https://www.marshall.edu/honors/current-students/hcsa/.

The Steering Committee is also an opportunity for Honors students to engage in service and demonstrate leadership while earning academic credit as non-officer members of the committee. Members of the Steering Committee enrolled in HON 488 earn one credit per semester for doing work on behalf of students of the college. We have openings for Fall 2023 if you’re interested. Let us know and we can permit you to register yourself.

Thank you for participating in your Honors College!


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