Honors Advising Sessions

Honors Advising is an opportunity for students after their first semester at Marshall to meet with advisors in the College each semester to discuss, primarily, current options for fulfilling the requirement that students complete at least two HON 480 Honors Seminars as part of the Honors Curriculum. Each semester there are several of these interdisciplinary seminars offered through the College by outstanding faculty from across the University. Enrollment is by permission only and must be arranged in an Honors Advising Session. These sessions also allow the College to continue to check-in with students along the way and for them to ask honors-related questions. Honors Advising begins after the coming semester schedule is released and goes "live" for students. The appointment scheduling links will open in advance of Priority Registration so that you can meet with an Honors Advisor and complete your schedule for honors before that day the this registration begins. Sessions are booked by students according to a rolling invitation (based on total student credit hours earned as seen below) and are 15 minute appointments.

NOTE:  This is NOT the place to book a First-Year Check-In advising appointment when those are being scheduled. That can be found here.

Fall 2019 session invitations will proceed as follows:

  • Students w/ 90+ earned hours will receive their invitations on Wednesday, 10/23
  • Students w/ 60-89 earned hours will receive their invitations on Thursday, 10/24
  • Students w/ 30-59 earned hours will receive their invitations on Friday, 10/25

Students who have just attended a First Year Check-in are not invited to these appointments.

Book your appointment via one of the links below.

Ms. Sande Yentes, Honors College Advisor

Dr. Brian Hoey, Associate Dean

Dr. Nicki LoCascio, Dean