Honors Seminar Archives

This page provides a point of entry for an archive of past offerings of upper-level Honors Seminars (sections of HON 480) from several academic years. These seminars are purposefully interdisciplinary in design. While we have expectations regarding the pedagogical approaches and alignment of individually tailored learning outcomes in seminars with those for the Honors College curriculum as a whole, faculty may design highly original seminars. This is a hallmark course in our curriculum.

This archive is intended to provide an opportunity for interested faculty to see the range of possibilities for their own potential seminar offering as well as to consider what kinds of seminars may have been offered recently so to explore new and different areas or revisit those that have not been visited lately. You can also see a sample list of seminar titles from the last several years.  Please see the Teaching Honors page for more information about proposing a seminar.

Honors 480 Seminars – Fall 2021

Honors 480 Seminars – Spring 2021

Honors 480 Seminars – Fall 2020

Honors 480-Seminars – Spring 2020

Honors 480 Seminars – Fall 2019

Honors 480 Seminars – Spring 2019

Honors 480 Seminars – Fall 2018

Honors 480 Seminars – Spring 2018

Honors 480 Seminars – Fall 2017

Honors 480 Seminars – Spring 2017

Honors 480 Seminars – Fall 2016

Honors 480 Seminars – Spring 2016

Honors 480 Seminars – Fall 2015