Other Banner-related Training Opportunities

Some documents within the website may require authentication to access documentation.  Next to the link for each page that requires authentication you will see the following icon:    When trying to gain access to one of the resources that requires authentication, you will be prompted to enter your MUNet username and password.  You must be an authorized Banner account holder to be granted access to these files. When specifying your username, which must be specified in lowercase, you must also indicate the domain name for your account in the format of: domain\username.

Example: Ima Novice (username novice on the marshall domain) would enter marshall\novice to login.

Training Opportunities

Faculty Training

Faculty members are granted query privileges to the Banner Dean’s Menu to view students’ records, addresses and telephone numbers, registration information, class lists, and enrollment counts.  After attending Banner Basic Navigation Training, faculty members are able to successfully navigate the Dean’s Menu with the aid of the.

Faculty members are encouraged to use MILO Web for Faculty by logging into the campus portal, myMU, to view student information, obtain class lists, update personal information, and submit D/F Midterm and final grades.  Questions about MILO Web for Faculty should be directed to Sonja Cantrell, Associate Registrar, at cantrel1@marshall.edu or (304)-696-2258.

General Person Entry Training
These sessions will be conducted by David Daniel  for users requesting privileges to enter new person records into Banner. For more information, e-mail David Daniel at daniel6@marshall.edu or call him at 696-6522. To register for this training, go to http://www.marshall.edu/human-resources/training/training-schedule/.

MU Research Corporation (MURC)
For more information contact Karla Murphy at 696-7118 or email at murphy72@marshall.edu

P-Card Training
P-card training is the prerequisite to applying for the state purchase card, which is a credit card that replaces the traditional purchase order, receiving report and invoice process for purchases under $1000.  This training covers use of the card, restrictions on the card, maintaining records and reconciling the monthly statements.  ONLY full-time State employees are eligible.  For more information, e-mail Teresa Meddings at marcumte@marshall.edu or call her at 696-2212. To register for this training, go to http://www.marshall.edu/human-resources/training/training-schedule/.

All employees must be knowledgeable of the Federal Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Details regarding FERPA can be obtained from the Student Legal Aid Center in the Memorial Student Center, Room 2W29.