Health Insurance

Marshall University offers health insurance for active employees and retirees through West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency (PEIA). Basic and major medical insurance benefits cover hospital and surgical services, physician expenses, laboratory fees, x-ray services, and prescription drugs. There are seven (7) health benefit plans.

Coverage for Insurance is Employee Only, Employee and Child(ren), Family, and Family with Employee Spouse.

  • Benefits-eligible employee.
  • Spouse of eligible employee.
  • Children ages birth to 26

Enrollment period is the month of hire and the following two calendar months. Coverage begins the first day of the month after enrollment and employment. EXAMPLE: An employee is hired January 17 but does not complete enrollment process until February 1, coverage would begin March 1. However, if employee completes enrollment prior to January 31, coverage would begin February 1. Premium is based upon salary and type of coverage, use of tobacco, etc. Changes in existing health care coverage can be made during “open enrollment” which occurs annually in the spring OR due to a qualifying event outside of open enrollment.

If any of the following qualifying events occur, it is yourresponsibility to notify Human Resource Services to make changes in coverage. Your coverage could be jeopardized if you fail to notify Human Resource Services.

  1. You marry
  2. You divorce
  3. You have a new child or dependent
  4. Your spouse or child dies
  5. A covered child turns age 19 and is no longer a full-time student OR turns age 26
  6. A child marries or is employed with his/her own insurance

Note: You must have Basic Life Insurance to enroll for Health Insurance or Optional /Dependent Life Insurance Coverage. You may choose to enroll in the Basic Life coverage without enrolling for Health Insurance.

Other Benefit Resources

  • This Terms to Know document will help you through the health insurance process. (pages 6-7 of the Shopper’s Guide)
  • Review the side-by-side comparison of the plans in the “Benefits At-A-Glance” charts.
  • This section offers general information about eligibility that you may need during Open Enrollment. (pages 8-9)
  • FAQs for Marriage, Adoption, Retirement, and More.
  • PEIA offers discounts for being tobacco free.
  • PEIA offers a healthcare program that allows you to receive primary care services while paying less. This program, called the Comprehensive Care Partnership (CCP) program, is designed to promote quality of care, preventive services and appropriate use of health services to identify health problems early and maintain control of chronic conditions.

Health Benefit Plans

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