Marshall University has a set of steps/activities that are required for or associated with the ending of a person’s employment by resignation or retirement, etc. Some of the items in Departing Employee Information are done by the departing employee and other items are completed by Human Resources or the employee’s department. The items below can be followed in order to properly complete the withdrawal from active employment status.

PLEASE NOTE: Terminating Faculty have several steps that apply only to them as faculty. Please see the section below titled “Faculty Only Responsibilities” for the additional steps/procedures.

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  • HR Related
    • Letter of Resignation – Employee must submit a letter of resignation to their department. The department must forward a copy to Human Resource Services as soon as possible.
    • Benefits De-Enrollment – Persons resigning or retiring from the University should contact Human Resource Services at 304-696-6455 or by e-mail to as soon as possible to schedule a benefits de-enrollment meeting.
    • Annual Leave Decision – If an employee accrues leave, the employee must meet with Human Resource Services to determine if they wish to receive a lump-sum payout or remain on payroll until the leave is exhausted.
    • Complete the Employee Exit Survey – Please complete the exit survey so that we can obtain feedback from you after on how we can make MU better for our employees.
    • Notification of Change in Address -The Payroll Office will send out the W-2s for all employees in January. A new address, if applicable, will need to be updated to ensure that you received this for your taxes.
  • Non-HR Related Steps
    • Information Technology – Please notify Computing Services that you are departing so they can deactivate your accounts.
    • Keys Returned – Keys should be returned to their supervisor on their last day of work.
    • Campus ID Returned – Campus ID Card should be returned to Human Resource Services.
    • WV State Purchase Card Returned – State Purchase card should be returned, if applicable.
    • Parking Permit – The employee should notify the Public Safety Office of the department date, Public Safety may require the parking permit to be turned in prior to the departure date.
    • Personal Property – The employee should make arrangements to remove any personal property.
    • Library Materials – The employee should make arrangements to return any materials or settle any overdue fines prior to last day.[/efstab]

[efstab title=”Faculty Only Additional Responsibilities“]

Faculty may terminate from the University in one of the following ways: Retirement, Resignation, Terminal Appointment/Non-Retention of Probationary Faculty, Term or Temporary Faculty/Non-Reappointment, and Financial Exigency or Termination of Program.
  • Retiring Faculty
    • Letter of Retirement – Official letter that indicates retirement with effective date.
    • Commencement Program and Retiring Faculty Program – Faculty who wish their names to be listed at the Spring General Faculty Meeting must submit their letter to Academic Affairs no later than March 15th.
    • Emeritus Status – Must be requested through the Dean of your college.

  • Resigning Faculty
    • Letter of Resignation – Official letter that indicates resignation with effective date.

  • Terminal Appointment or Non-Retention of Probationary Faculty
    • Notice – Annual Notice of Non-retention of Probationary Faculty is to be sent by the President by March 1st
    • Tenure-Track Appointment – Before completing the penultimate year of a tenure-track appointment, any non-tenured faculty member shall be given written notice of tenure or offered a one-year written terminal contract of employment.[/efstab][/efstabs]

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