Personnel Action Request (PAR) Quality Assurance

At some future date the institutions will implement the Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF) available in the Banner HR™ human resources information system (HRIS).   However, the time required to develop, troubleshoot, and implement EPAFs for particular personnel actions means that we may have to rely on the presentPersonnel Action Request (PAR) form for an indefinite additional time.  As the volume of PARs reaching Human Resource Services, Budget, and Payroll is exceptional and since a fair percentage of these PARs contains errors that require their return to the client who tendered them, we seek to improve the quality and processing of the PAR.  The information below will hopefully assist clients in preparing PARs that will be free of errors and that will be processed without delay.

The three administrative offices – Human Resource Services, Budget, and Payroll – appreciate the opportunity to serve clients through processing personnel actions with PARs.  However, problems may arise simply from the volume of PARs that are coming through these offices.  The volume of PARs may prevent one-on-one interactions with clients who prepare PARs.  Hopefully, a quality assurance page such as this one may reduce the number of problems with PARs.

Proper and correct content on PARs is very important.  PARs that are not complete and correct must be sent back to the client for revision and re-submittal.  This can introduce delays in getting people paid, in getting employment set properly, in getting persons enrolled in benefits, and in a number of other areas.  The solution is better quality assurance in PAR content and processing.  The guidelines below will prove helpful:

  • The PAR is located on the Human Resource Services website at:
    in Adobe PDF and Word formats.  The Adobe version can be completed on-line and printed.
  • Please use an ink color other than black for signatures.  Signatures in a color other than black helps those processing the PAR to distinguish the original form from copies.
  • Effective dates must reflect the actual beginning and/or ending dates of employment.   A termination date may be corrected through a subsequent PAR if the originally-stated termination date is not correct.
  • All temporary employees (Extra Help, Casual, and/or Part-Time Faculty) must have a beginning AND ending date.
  • Names should be exactly as they appear on the person’s Social Security Card, not nicknames.
  • The Social Security number must be accurate and exactly the same as it appears on the individual’s Social Security card.  In addition to the employee’s Social Security number, please enter his/her Banner ID number.
  • Date of birth, gender, race, and citizenship are required for any new hire.
  • The Wage Rate line needs to be completed with the exception of PARs for overtime or a change of address.
  • On Type of Action, the Employment box is checked ONLY for the initial hire, not for overtime, change of rate, transfer, or promotion.
  • The Remarks area is used for reporting straight time and overtime hours/rates.
  • Approval signatures must include the appropriate Vice President or his/her designee. Please note that if a position is funded by a grant, the proper MURC signature is required.
  • The hiring department will not receive copies of processed PAR forms.

An important reminder is that an Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Form I-9 must be completed to establish identity and employment eligibility for all new employees within 72 hours of their starting work.  Pay cannot be rendered until INS Form I-9 is properly completed and accounted for.  For information on INS Form I-9 see Human Resource Services Policy and Procedure 3.300, INS Form I-9.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve our clients and thank them for their cooperation.  We are open to suggestions for improvement in the personnel action process.  Contact HR Services staff individually by e-mail or phone or send e-mail the general HR Services address