Continuing Education

Our Mission

To provide high-quality educational activities to underserved areas of the tristate and southern West Virginia, which engages pharmacy professionals and enhances their knowledge, skills and abilities relating to the evolving changes in the healthcare industry.

Our Vision

We are…Marshall!
We are…leaders in innovation, education, practice and research!
We are…the future of pharmacy education!

About our Office

The Marshall University School of Pharmacy has been an ACPE-accredited provider of continuing education since 2019. The Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development is operated by the Continuing Education Administrator.

The Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development offers both sponsored and co-sponsored programs currently with local institutions in the tristate area. We have a target audience of both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

The majority of activities offered are knowledge-based and are generally one to two hours in length. However, all three programming types are available (knowledge-, application- and practice-based). Since we are a West Virginia school, we strive to have the majority of our activities live, as it is a required component for West Virginia licensure renewal for pharmacists.

The Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development is always looking for opportunities to create high-quality educational activities to meet the needs of the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the tristate area. In addition, we are diligently working to develop online programs to meet the overwhelming demand for this type of delivery in the profession of pharmacy. If you have any questions, please reach out to Tiffany V. Oldaker, MBA, Continuing Education Administrator.

Contact Information

Tiffany V. Oldaker, BBA, MBA, CPhT
Continuing Education Administrator