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Sponsored by The Dr. Carter G. Woodson Lyceum

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Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the “Father of Black History,” said that the turning point in his career came during his West Virginia years, a period that included graduation from Huntington’s Douglass School (1896) and subsequent service as its principal. A statue of Dr. Woodson, located at 820 Hal Greer Blvd., honors his connections to Huntington and West Virginia. Marshall University memorialized Dr. Woodson’s achievements by creating The Lyceum in his honor.
For more information about The Lyceum: https://www.marshall.edu/woodsonlyceum/
Additional details of Woodson’s life can be found here: https://www.biography.com/scholar/carter-g-woodson

Prizes Awarded

  • $100 Prize for Poster Design by an Elementary School Student
  • $100 Prize for Poster Design by a Middle School Student
  • $100 Prize for Poster Design by a High School Student

Due January 31, 2023


“BLACK CONTRIBUTIONS in AMERICAN LIFE and HISTORY” is the 2023 poster theme, which is also this year’s National Black History Theme as established by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.


This competition is dedicated to public, private, and home-schooled K-12 students. The competition is open to students in any academic discipline. Teachers are welcomed to incorporate the competition into course learning objectives. Any student may enter independently. One entry per student. It is free to enter.

Poster Design

Students are encouraged to be creative and to explore ideas and concepts. You may create your poster using digital tools and/or traditional media such as markers, paint, pens, collage, etc.

Posters should be either 8 ½ x 11 or 11 x 14 inches.
Your entry will be judged based on these criteria.

  1. the extent to which your design effectively expresses the 2022 Black History Theme;
  2. the potential of your design to improve race relations and/or preserve/observe Black history;
  3. poster design quality; and
  4. completion of a “What I Learned” statement of at least 75 words describing what you learned during your research and considered in designing your poster.


Entry Guidelines and Checklist

  • My entry is either a JPG file or PDF no larger than 4 MB. Posters created in traditional materials may be either digitally photographed or scanned for entry.
  • I understand that entering this competition constitutes agreement with the terms of the competition and provides Marshall University the right to use winning entries for promotion of the sponsor’s programs.
  • I have written a “What I Learned” statement to submit with my poster.

Entry form for K-12 Poster Contest

Sorry. This competition has ended as of January 31st, 2023.

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