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Join the Honors College Student Association in a donation drive for the Food Pantry from March 14th to 20th! Donation boxes for non-perishable food items are located in the Memorial Student Center, the Buck, Science Building, and Engineering Building.  

The Marshall University community is remembering Brig. Gen. Chuck Yeager, who passed away Monday at the age of 97. Yeager, the daring Air Force pilot and World War II veteran, was the first person to break the sound barrier. He was also a key supporter of the Marshall University’s Society of Yeager Scholars, which was

The Society of Yeager Scholars seeks exceptional applicants for a four-year full scholarship at Marshall University. The Yeager scholarship is a full-ride scholarship program to Marshall University. Yeager Scholars will be provided with full tuition and fees, room and board, stipend for textbooks, a personal computer, and support for study abroad experience or (with permission)

From the Steering Committee of the Honors College Student Association (HCSA). All students in the Honors College are members of the HCSA. All this week (21-27 September), the Honors College Student Association is having a socially-distanced community cleanup event! Follow COVID-19 and common sense guidelines, and send a picture with you and your trash to

What’s been going on in the Honors College since the pandemic began in the midst of the Spring 2020 semester and what are we planning in the college for this fall? The Honors College Update is a singular place to find many news items and relevant information for a given time period that we have