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Each Fall and Spring semester, the Honors College Update is a singular place for information (typically released additionally by other means) about the college. It’ll be continuously updated throughout the semester. Just scroll through the headlines to find what interests you. Generally, news items will be listed beginning with the most recent post. You can

Greetings, Citizen-Scholars of the Honors College! As part of Marshall’s Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Quality Initiative, the university is partnering with the Fairfield Community Development Corporation to provide a student with an internship experience each semester and we are currently looking for a student to take on this rewarding position during the Spring 2023 semester.

At the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, following increasing demand for mental health services by students of the college, the Honors College, Student Affairs, and the MU Counseling Center worked together to provide dedicated (but temporary) counseling services to Honor students. Within the first six months after this service commenced, twenty percent of the

The Honors College is serving this fall semester as host to Dr. Ekaterina Zarutckaia, a Fulbright Faculty Development grantee from St. Petersburg University in Russia. Dr. Zarutckaia is here to study critical thinking pedagogical practices. In addition to supporting this research, the Honors College is providing this unique opportunity to share in an exchange of

Dr. Ekaterina Zarutckaia, or ‘Kate,’ a senior lecturer from St. Petersburg University in Russia, has joined the Honors College during the fall semester as a Fulbright Faculty Development grantee. Zarutckaia will study critical thinking courses, especially those that help students foster development of critical thinking skills and dispositions. While in the U.S., Zarutckaia will gather