Leave Conversion to Bi-Weekly

Employees at Marshall earn two types of leave benefits, Annual and Sick Leave. It is provided with pay to all benefits-eligible employees excluding nine-month faculty.

The with the current system, employees accrue leave at the end of the month. Beginning May 1st, we will be converting leave to accrue bi-weekly in conjunction with the bi-weekly pay schedule. You will notice the accrual on the Wednesday following the May 11th pay period.

Current Leave System:

Annual Leave Accrual Rates

  • Classified Staff
    • Less than five years of service = 9.375 hours/1.25 days/month (15 days/year)
    • Five years of service = 11.250 hours/1.50 days/month (18 days/year)
    • Ten years of service = 13.125 hours/1.75 days/month (21 days/year)
    • Fifteen plus years of service = 15.000 hours/2.00 days/month (24 days/year)
  • Non-Classified Staff and 12-month Faculty (excluding  nine-month faculty)
    • 15.000 hours/2.00 days/month (24 days/year)
  • Employees who are benefits eligible and work less than full-time (between 20 and 37.5 hours per week)Accumulate annual leave on a pro-rated basis.

Sick Leave Accrual Rates

  • All full-time employees and 12-month faculty (excluding nine-month faculty) accumulate sick leave
      • 11.250 hours/1.50 days/month (18 days/year)
      • Other benefits-eligible employees accumulate sick leave on a pro-rated basis
      • There is no limit to the number of sick leave days an employee may accumulate

With the conversion to bi-weekly, leave accruals will now be divided by 26 pays instead of the previous 24.  To view how your leave accruals will change, you will select your years of service below.

Select your Years of Service

Less than 5 Years of Service

5 but Less than 10 Years of Service

10 but Less than 15 Years of Service

15 or More Years of Service