New Classification & Compensation Model

Marshall University recognizes that competitive compensation is the cornerstone for recruiting, retaining, and motivating our employees. To this end, the University’s compensation philosophy is to pay all categories of employees at competitive levels established by external labor markets, considering both salary and benefits as a total compensation package.

Compensation programs must meet the following objectives:

  • establish pay levels for positions on the basis of their external competitiveness with relevant labor markets and their relative internal value
  • regularly reward employees on the basis of work performance
  • administer pay equitably and consistently
  • establish a compensation policy that is consistent with the management and allocation of funds entrusted by the University
  • maximize the effectiveness of compensation funding based on recruiting, retention, and employee motivational outcomes
  • ensure accountability for compliance with the all BOG/University policies and procedures and statutory requirements

Disclaimer: All information contained in this webpage is considered to be in “draft” form.  This webpage is being used to share and communicate pending compensation changes with staff at Marshall University.  Changes to the compensation model have not been finalized nor approved by University officials.  Please direct all questions and comments concerning information on this webpage to our Feedback Form.

WVHEPC Compensation Documentation - REVISED!
House Bill 2542
Compensation Plan Comparison

Characteristic Current Pay System Proposed New Pay System
Allow Flexibility to Move within Salary Range X
Competitive Pay Structure X
Job Duties Based on Master Job Description X
Market Based Salaries X
New Employee Salaries Based on Job, Education, and Experience Requirements, Level of Expertise X
New Employee Starts at Entry Level X
Pay Increases Based Soley on Seniority X
Performance Influence Pay Increases X
Provide Framework for Career Progression X
Submit PIQ for Possible Pay Increase X
Uses Point Factor Methodology to Determine Classification X


Implementation Timeline
Position/Classification Search and Master Job Specifications
Salary Scale
Classification and Compensation Feedback Form
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