We Are…IT! Feature Friday – Eric Himes

Eric Himes

Director, Digital Media Services

What degrees do you hold?
BA – Journalism and Mass Communications

How would you describe your role in MUIT in 10 words?
If digital media is involved, I’m somehow involved.

What is your favorite thing about working in IT?
The variety of projects I am involved with

What is your favorite restaurant in Huntington/Charleston Area?
All of them – except Jim’s

What’s your favorite vacation spot?
It’s about the adventure, not the location

What are you currently binging/watching?
Homeland, Shades of Blue

Best concert you’ve ever attended?
My daughter’s honor’s band concert

Something you can’t live without?
My wife

Most adventurous thing you’ve done?
Pack the car for a three week cross country trip with out any reservations. There is always an adventure in any trip.

Cooking and Traveling

How should one get ahold of you?