Meet Our New Employee – Peter Coffman!

Peter Coffman 

IT Consultant Sr.


What degree do you hold? 

BS – Computer & Information Technology from Marshall University

Describe your role in MUIT in 10 words for less:

Service Desk technician

Favorite thing about working in IT or at MU:

I really enjoy the environment at Marshall and the people I work with. I love being in an environment where I’m comfortable and that is conducive to growth and learning as a professional.

Favorite Restaurant in Huntington/Charleston area:

If i have to pick a fast food place, it’s Chipotle for sure. For my favorite sit-down restaurant, I’d have to say Fat Patty’s, simply because of the atmosphere and how consistent it is.

Favorite Vacay Spot:

Canaan Valley, no doubt. I’d rather be in the mountains than the beach any day.

Who inspires you?:

Zach Bitter, current world record holder for fastest man to run 100 miles on a trail.

Currently Watching/Binging:

True Detective – season 3

Best concert you’ve attended?:

This is a tough one, but I’d have to say LCD Soundsystem in Brooklyn, New York in December of 2017. A close second would be Run the Jewels in Columbus, OH in January of 2017.

Something you can’t live without?:

Running. It’s the one thing I look forward to doing every day. I find it fun, and it provides me immense amounts of satisfaction. Overall, it makes me a physically and mentally healthier individual and provides me with confidence.

Most adventurous thing you’ve done?:

I know this is something in the future, but I think it definitely qualifies as the most adventurous thing I’ve attempted thus far. On June 8th, I will be attempting a 41 mile ultramarathon in Canaan Valley called the Highland Sky 40.


Running, of course, is a huge hobby of mine. When I’m not doing that, I’m more than likely listening to music or podcasts as I go through my day. For my leisure, I really enjoy playing video games and watching movies/TV shows/ stand-up comedy. I really enjoy the outdoors, and will take any opportunity I can get to go outside whether it be to hike or just to take a walk. I also have a close circle of friends that I hang out with, so ti’s always a joy whenever I get the chance to doing something with them.

Coolest thing you’re currently working on? 

At work, right now I’m just currently adjusting to the new environment and getting everything I need setup, which, for me, is cool. I’ve never had a personal workstation/space before at work so it’s cool to have a spot that is considered mine that I can do what I want with. In my spare time, I’ve been getting a parts list together to build a new computer in the next couple of months.