Meet Our New Employee, Michael Stamm!

Michael Stamm – Database Analyst

What degrees do you hold?

Bachelor’s of Science in Game Development

Describe your role in MUIT in 10 words or less:

To provide backend support for DegreeWorks and Banner

Favorite thing about working in IT or at MU:

Technology is what influences the world as it moves into the future and I find the fact that I can be a supporting part in that influence is exhilarating

Favorite Restaurant in Huntington/Charleston area:

It’s a tie between The Peddler and Main Street on Central.

Favorite Vacay Spot:

Probably the yearly meetup with my friends at GenCon. It’s exhausting but a heck of a lot of fun!

Currently Watching/Binging:

Since I finished the Mandalorian and the Witcher, I’ve mostly been watching odds and ends on Disney+ and Netflix while I wait for my network shows to return! Currently waiting on: Prodigal Son, Stumptown, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Good Place.

Best concert you’ve ever attended?

In October 2009, my father and I traveled to the Meadowlands of New Jersey and attended a Springsteen concert. It was the third in a series of five concerts that closed out the old Giant’s Stadium before it’s demolition. We had obtained general admission tickets and were able to experience the (nearly) four hour show about five feet away from the stage. There was a lot of dancing, singing, and standing to the point where we practically couldn’t move the following day, but it was well worth it!

Something you can’t live without?

Besides the obvious answers (food, water, and the ability to breath) I would have to say music. I can sit in a room and listen to an album from cover to cover without giving it a second thought.

Most adventurous thing you’ve done?

I’m an annual participant in the Sips, Studs, and Stilettos charity event that supports River Cities Dress for Success.

Coolest thing you’re currently working on?

I’m still getting the wind under my wings with anything work related, so here’s what I have going on at home:
– Currently creating and testing different recipes for a personal cookbook
– Slowly working on an application simply named “Pantry” at the moment
– Working on my miniature figure painting skills


Dungeon’s and Dragons, both playing as a PC and DMing
Video Games
Painting miniature models/figures for D&D and other games
Listening to Music and podcasts
Enjoying a nice “Happy Hour” with friends and/or family

Additional Interests:

Comic / Gaming Conventions
Whiskey Tastings