New Marshall ID Sequence Numbers


Update:  02/05/21

On Sunday morning, February 7th, 2021, MUIT will switch to the new 903 prefix on newly generated ID numbers.   Any students admitted or employees hired after the change will have the new prefix.  No existing Student ID or Employee ID numbers will be changing.

From Sunday moving forward, try to refrain from asking for an individuals “901” number.  Instead, MU ID Number, Student ID or Employee ID number or even “90” would be options to use.

Thank you, and as always, let me know if there are any questions you may have.



Beginning January 31, 2021, Marshall University will begin using a 903-xx-xxx sequence of numbers for identification (ID). This is for new assignments only; existing numbers will not change.

All offices, departments and colleges should review their processes and procedures, including paper forms, to ensure compliance with this change.

While this is a relatively minor change in Banner, it will require personnel to become familiar with the additional number.  Going forward, faculty and staff are encouraged to use the term “Marshall ID” rather than “901 number” to avoid confusion.

Any concerns or issues should be directed to  Brent Maynard, director, enterprise applications, at 304-696-2591.

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