On-Premise SharePoint Decommission – December 2021

Level of impact:  Medium 

Marshall University Information Technology is planning to decommission our On-Premise SharePoint 2013 environment at the end of the year 2021. Existing sites will need to be migrated to avoid losing access and data. 

Who does it affect? If you are receiving this message, you have been identified as an administrator of a SharePoint site in our on-premise SharePoint environment. Please contact us if you have specific questions regarding the specific site, etc. 

 If your site URL begins with any of the following, your site WILL be affected. Action must be taken to avoid losing your site. 

  • Sharepoint.marshall.edu
  • Inside.marshall.edu
  • Appadmin.marshall.edu
  • Mysite.marshall.edu
  • Spapps.marshall.edu

 NOTE: If your site’s URL begins with “https://livemarshall.sharepoint.com” , your site will NOT be affected. 

Why do we need to take this action? This SharePoint environment is running on legacy software/hardware and is no longer supported by Microsoft. In order to continue use of your SharePoint site, it must be moved to the fully supported SharePoint Online (Office365) environment. 

If you have already moved your site, or if the site is no longer in use, you do not need to do anything. 

If you require assistance in configuring a new site and/or migrating data, please reach out to the IT Service Desk and request an IT Support ticket to do so. 

When?  The current deadline is December 2021. We strongly recommend you contact us well in advance of the deadline if you require assistance in migrating your site. 

How can my site be moved? 

IT can configure a new SharePoint Online site for you. At this point, you can move your data to the new site. If you require assistance, a member of MUIT can work with you as needed. 

If your site consists of lists, libraries, and web parts, IT may be able to migrate your site for you. However, if your site contains advanced features such as: scripting, workflows, etc., then it may require manual recreation of these features in SharePoint Online.  Again, please reach out to the IT Service Desk and request an IT Support ticket to do so. 

We look forward to working with you on this transition.