[SERVICE CHANGE]: Authentication Services


On Sunday, May 5th at 7:00 AM, the MUIT team will be making an update to our authentication services.  This change may cause a momentary interruption in authentication when accessing university services. 

How will this impact you? 

The main change you will notice is that instead of seeing the university’s previous login screen (pictured first below) you will now see Marshall’s Microsoft Online authentication screen (pictured second) when accessing certain sites (listed below). You will also be asked to use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) during the login process for these sites. 

Here’s a list of services that will be affected: 

How to request assistance: 

If you have any trouble logging in or notice any issues after the authentication change, please contact the IT Service Desk right away. Make sure to let IT Service Desk Staff know which service you’re trying to access so they can help get the issue resolved.  Please contact the IT Service Desk via chat at www.marshall.edu/it , phone 304-696-3200, or email itservicedesk@marshall.edu. 

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