V: Drive

The V: drive is 256MB of virtual disk space that Information Technology provides to all faculty, staff, and students.

Service Description

When you log onto a university computer you are automatically mapped to your own V: drive space. To access this virtual drive you can use the Windows Explorer to manage your V: drive.

How Do I Share Files

Marshall University provides network space via the Personal File Cabinet, also known as the V Drive, that can be used for file sharing over the Internet. This is a more efficient alternative to sharing large files as attachments in e-mail. The shared files must be located in the ‘public_html’ folder on your V: drive. If this folder does not exist, use a Windows machine and follow these instructions to properly create the folder.

These instructions assume you are using a computer on the Marshall University network and that the V: Drive is available.

From the Start menu click on My Computer
Click on V:
Click File menu
Click New -> Folder
Rename the folder public_html
Once the folder is created:

Copy the file you want to share into the ‘public_html’ folder.

To share this file, you must provide the path to the file. The path for shared files in your public_html folder on your V drive is http://medix.marshall.edu/~username/file.ext where ‘username’ is your munet username and ‘file.ext’ is the file name and extension. For example, if your username is Novice41 and you want to share an Excel file named budget.xls, you would do so by providing the following path:

You could send the above path in an e-mail and recipients will be able to click on it like a link to any web page.

The above is also known as Web Publishing.

Users are reminded that files in their public_html folder on their V drive are being shared with anyone who knows the path. This may not be the best way to share sensitive or confidential information.