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With the lift of the university-wide travel ban for the 2022-2023 fiscal year, the Faculty Senate Research Committee will be reinstating the original Quinlan eligibility guidelines to cover travel costs for face-to-face conferences (up to $500). This change will go into effect on October 1st, 2022. Please be sure to carefully read the guidelines prior to completing your application for Quinlan funding. Additionally, the Faculty Senate Research Committee has decided to continue the option of covering conference registration fees for virtual conferences (up to $500).

Purpose of the Grant: The Research Committee accepts applications for Quinlan Endowment funds specifically in support of faculty travel to present scholarly or creative work at professional meetings and conferences. Priority for funding will be based on the significance of both the applicant’s participation and the conference. Awarding is based on a preset point system criterion to determine eligibility.

Eligibility of Applicant: Applicants must be full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty, librarians with faculty status, or term faculty who have been employed by Marshall University for at least five consecutive years. Faculty can request up to $500 in travel funds but may NOT apply more than one time per academic year (fall, spring, and summer) even if the previous funding amount requested was less than $500. Applicants with MU Co-Presenters who also apply for the award are eligible to receive up to 50% of their request which will be divided between the applicant and one other co-presenter. If the MU Co-Presenter(s) are not planning to attend, or are not applying for assistance, then the applicant may be awarded the full 1/3 of the cost, not to exceed $500. Please note that paper applications will not be accepted.

Eligible Activities: The grant is to be used specifically for the dissemination of research and creative activities through presentation at professional meetings and/or conferences and may not be used for the discovery of knowledge or for the purchase of materials involved in research and/or creative activities. Due to current travel restrictions, Quinlan funding can be used to cover the cost of virtual conferences.

Application Criteria: Applications must include the following criteria to be deemed complete and eligible for funding:

  • A letter briefly describing your activity or activities at the meeting or conference. The letter should address:
    • The nature and specifics of your activity, including your level of participation (include any additional committee responsibilities, officer duties).
    • The significance of your presentation and/or creative activity within your field.
    • The significance of the conference within your field, including participants and geographic area.
  • A copy of your abstract for your presentation, or in the case of creative activity, documentation (see below) and a short paragraph describing your participation if no abstract was required. For example, a performer would include information describing his or her role in the performance; an artist should include information describing his or her work and its role in the event.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding with the following exception:
  • Applications without documentation of acceptance will still be considered if submitted by the proper cycle deadline, but consideration for full eligibility and fund disbursement is contingent upon receipt of documentation of acceptance. Applicants are responsible for submitting their documentation of acceptance, once received, to complete their application and be considered for funding. Applicants who meet this exception are required to inform the designated research committee representative for their college once the application of funding has been submitted or the application may be viewed as incomplete and not subject to funding. Once the acceptance documentation is received, it should be submitted immediately to the designated college research committee member to complete the application.
  • A budget, documenting that your Quinlan request does not exceed more than one-third of the total budget. Please note that disclosure of the source of matching funds is unnecessary.

Deadlines: Applications may be submitted at any time during the year; however, applications are reviewed in the cycle in which the meeting or conference takes place. For example, if an application is submitted in cycle 1 to fund a conference or meeting that takes place in cycle 2, the application will not be reviewed during cycle 1 and will be automatically be placed for review in cycle 2. Applicants who submit prior to the cycle in which the meeting or conference is to take place do not have priority to funding over other applicants applying in the same cycle. All applicants must adhere to the eligibility requirements for funding to be considered for the requested funding.

The Faculty Senate Research Committee understands that some faculty do not have responses regarding their acceptance to present at the conference, have departmental approval to attend a conference, or may not have yet chosen a conference to attend by the previously provided cycle deadlines. Therefore the committee will be accepting applications for meetings or conferences throughout the cycle window (see dates below) and meet on the dates below to review applications that are be submitted by faculty that have a conference or meeting that occurs during the designated cycle window. If there are no applicants to review by the meeting dates, the committee will not meet, and new applications will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Applications will only be reviewed and considered if the meeting or conference dates occur within the appropriate cycle. The review of applications will begin after the closing date of each cycle. The committee will adhere to the following cycles:

Cycle 1: October 1- March 31

  • Applications must be submitted by October 1st. Applications will be reviewed for meetings or conferences that occur within this window during the first week of October.

Cycle 2: April 1-September 30

  • Applications must be submitted by April 1st. Applications will be reviewed for meetings or conferences that occur within this window during the first week of April.

Disbursement: Recipients are reimbursed for their expenses (no more than one-third of the total budget, up to $500) after the activity is completed. Applicants who fail to seek reimbursement within three months (90 days) of the start date of the activity will lose their funding and be ineligible for another award during that academic year. Grants are awarded for the specific activity indicated in the award letter and may not be transferred to another. A project summary of approximately 400 words must also be submitted to the Faculty Senate Office at (Senate@marshall.edu). Recipients must adhere to grant requirements. Failure to do so will disqualify applicants from future opportunities from this fund.

Assistance with the Application: Questions concerning the application process should be directed to the Research Committee representative from the applicant’s college or the committee chair. Applicants should also feel free to consult the Application Pre-screening Form which may be accessed at the Faculty Senate website under grant applications for Quinlan.

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