Research Committee (RC)

Research Committee Reports

The Research Committee shall be concerned with the promotion of faculty research, publications, and other creative activities. It shall aid the appropriate administrators in the search for funds and advise in administering available funds. The committee shall act as a review board for the university-funded research proposals.
Member Department College Term Ends Term #
Philippe Georgel Liaison FS (23-25) 1st N/A
James Stamm Music CAM (21-25) 1st 1
Gang Chen Engineering CECS (20-24) 1st 1
Michael Corrigan Education COEPD (22-26) 1st 1
Virginia Liang Physical Therapy COHP (21-25) 1st 1
Julie Snyder-Yuly (Chair) Communication Studies COLA (20-24) 1st 1
Shane Welch Biological Sciences COS (19-23) 1st (23-27) 2nd 2
Mohammad Karim Finance, Economics & International Business COB (23-27) 1st 1
Richard Egleton Biomedical Sciences SOM (23-27) 1st 1
Ruhul Amin Pharmaceutical Science & Research SOP (22-26) 1st 1
Gena Chattin (Recording Secretary) University Libraries ULIB (23-27) 1st 1

Appointed Students, Nonvoting Members

Aaron Grimmett SGA Representative Student
TO BE APPOINTED SGA Representative Grad Student

Ex-Officio, Nonvoting Members

Avinandan Mukherjee Provost and Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs
John Maher MURC Executive Director
David Gozal SOM Dean
Carl Mummert Assistant Provost for Graduate Studies



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Shawn Schulenberg - Chair
Eryn Roles - Assistant Chair
Sujoy Bose - Recording Secretary


Zelideth Rivas - Parliamentarian


Hailey Bibbee - Office Administrator