Budget & Academic Policy Committee (BAPC)

The Budget and Academic Policy Committee shall assume the primary responsibility for the development of policies that contribute to the maintenance of academic standards in the university. The committee’s responsibility shall include, but not be limited to, policies affecting the university calendar, the university budget, academic honesty, class attendance, grading and examinations. The committee shall process student academic appeals.

Member Department College Term Ends Term #
Jim Denvir Biochemistry SOM 2024 1
Laura McCunn-Jordan (Chair) Chemistry COS 2025 2
Kelli Prejean Liaison FS 2022 n/a
Kelly Rutherford (Secretary) Communication Disorders COHP 2025 2
Marjorie McInerney Management & HCA COB 2022 1
Kelli Johnson Head of Access Services and Outreach ULIB 2023 1
Conrae Lucas-Adkins School Psychology COEPD 2023 1
Christine Ingersoll School of Journalism & Mass Communication CAM 2025 2
Puspa Dama English COLA 2025 1
Haroon Malik Computer Science CECS 2025 2
Omar Attarabeen Pharmacy Practice SOP 2024 2
Cameron Donohue SGA Representative Student
TO BE APPOINTED SGA Representative Grad Student

Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members

Carol Hurula Classified Staff Council Representative
Rich Sutphin GSC Representative
Karen McComas Associate VP Academic Affairs
Mark Robinson Sr. Vice President Finance & Administration


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Old Main 310
Marshall University
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755


Shawn Schulenberg - Chair
Elizabeth Niese - Assistant Chair
Sujoy Bose - Recording Secretary


Zelideth Rivas - Parliamentarian


Jebediah Dickerson - Administrative Associate