Athletic Committee (AC)

Athletic Committee Reports

This committee shall consider policies relating to the maintenance and development of the intercollegiate athletic program, eligibility of athletes, budgets, and athletic staff personnel. It will supervise the maintenance and development of the intercollegiate athletic program in conformity with the policies, goals, and standards of the NCAA, conference affiliation, and Marshall University scholastic standards. It will be responsible for determining the eligibility of requirements for athletic competition in compliance with NCAA, conference affiliation, and Marshall University scholastic standards. It will review the Athletic Department budget in terms of its suitability to both short term and long term objectives and priorities of the Athletic Department and Marshall University. The committee shall review all policy matters relating to the athletic program of the university as requested by the faculty, the Athletic Director, or the University President. The committee shall establish an athletic staff personnel subcommittee. The committee shall receive position requirements prior to public notice of vacancies.
Tom Hisiro Liaison FS (22-24) 1st N/A
Chris Schletter Music CAM (21-25) 1st 1
Husnu Narman Safety Technology CECS (21-25) 1st 1
Andrew Stringfellow Education/Prof Dev COEPD (19-23) 1st (23-27) 2nd 2
Suzanne Konz (Chair) Kinesiology COHP (17-21) 1st (21-25) 2nd 2
Boniface Noyongoyo Sociology & Anthropology COLA (19-23) 1st (23-27) 2nd 2
Rob-Roy Mace Mathematics and Physics COS (17-21) 1st (21-25) 2nd 2
David Steele (Recording Secretary) Marketing, MIS, and Entrepreneurship COB (23-27) 1st 1
Charles Giangarra Orthopaedics SOM (23-27) 1st 1
Craig Kimble Pharmacy Practice SOP (15-19) 1st (19-23) 2nd 2
Sarah MolletteĀ  University Libraries ULIB (23-27) 1st 1
Karen McComas Faculty Representative/NCAA N/A
VACANT Student Athlete Advisory Committee Representative N/A


Appointed Students, Nonvoting Members

Nico Raffinengo SGA Representative Student
TO BE APPOINTED SGA Representative Grad Student


Ex-Officio, Nonvoting Members

Matt Tidd Chief Financial Officer
Marcie Simms Vice President of Intercultural and Student Affairs
Christian Spears Athletic Director
Sean Tuttle Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
Big Green Scholarship Foundation Representative
Tome Lemke Alumni Representative
Lisa Maynard Classified Staff Council Representative


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Old Main 310
Marshall University
One John Marshall Drive
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Shawn Schulenberg - Chair
Eryn Roles - Assistant Chair
Sujoy Bose - Recording Secretary


Zelideth Rivas - Parliamentarian


Hailey Bibbee - Office Administrator