Faculty Personnel Committee (FPC)

Faculty Personnel Committee Reports

At the request of the University President or Faculty Senate Chair, using appropriate Series/Rules and the 1986 AAUP Recommended Institutional Regulations on Academic Freedom and Tenure as guidelines, the committee shall write, alter, or rewrite policies relating to academic rank, salary, tenure, promotion, teaching and non-teaching load, retirement, sabbatical, and other matters which affect the well-being of faculty. The Faculty Personnel Committee shall study and evaluate policies and procedures relating to the hiring of faculty, which includes a yearly review of salaries. The committee shall act as an advisory panel for all faculty members initiating grievances in accordance with Series 9. The committee shall address all faculty grievances except those involving dismissal, termination due to reduction of or discontinuance of an existing program, termination due to financial exigency, or a faculty member desiring to appeal a decision of the University President on non-retention or promotion. The committee shall refer to the Hearing Committee those grievances involving a number of persons. Chapter 29B. Freedom of Information Act of the West Virginia code provides that “Every person has a right to inspect or copy any public record for a public body in this state, except as otherwise expressly provided by Section Four of this article.” Under Exceptions in Section Four the code reads, “Information of a personal nature such as that kept in a personal, medical, or similar file, if the public disclosure thereof would constitute an unreasonable invasion of privacy…” When the committee handles matters of a personal nature, it will not share its findings with the Faculty Senate. Hence, in this function it remains exempt from those conditions outlined under the section entitled “Committee-Senate Relationship” in this document.
Tim Bryan Liaison FS (22-24) 1st N/A
Mike Murphy Theatre & Dance CAM (21-25) 1st 1
Ammar Alzarrad Civil Engineering CECS (22-26) 1st 1
Lanai Jennings School Psychology COEPD (19-23) 1st (23-27) 2nd 2
Bobbie Taylor Nursing COHP (19-23) 1st (23-27) 2nd 2
Clinton Brown (Chair) Communication Studies COLA (22-26) 1st 1
Jacqueline Fannin Biological Sciences COS (23-27) 1st 1
Susan Lanham Accountancy & Legal Environment COB (23-27) 1st 1
Alejandro Nato Biomedical Sciences SOM (19-23) 1st (23-27) 2nd 2
Nandini Manne Public Health SOP (22-26) 1st 1
Ron Titus University Libraries ULIB (23-27) 1st 1

Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members

Avinandan Mukherjee Provost and Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs
Amine Oudghiri-Otmani Advisory Council of Faculty


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Shawn Schulenberg - Chair
Eryn Roles - Assistant Chair
Sujoy Bose - Recording Secretary


Zelideth Rivas - Parliamentarian


Hailey Bibbee - Office Administrator