Academic Planning Committee (APC)

The Academic Planning Committee shall serve as the major faculty agency for discussion, review and development of recommendations regarding letters of intent to plan new academic programs and degrees (Intent to Plan Guidelines), academic long range planning (mission statements, five year plans, strategic plans and similar major plans, and the reorganization of any academic unit), academic programs needs assessments, and work directly with the University President and Faculty Senate Executive Committee as requested and appropriate. It shall be the function of the Academic Planning Committee to make recommendations about new academic programs and priorities in relation to available resources, receive Departmental Program Review documents, make recommendations concerning the level of action to be recommended by the institution to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and the Marshall University Institutional Board of Governors, and respond when appropriate to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission and the Marshall University Institutional Board of Governors and/or the University President concerning policies relating to academic planning. The Academic Planning Committee will cooperate with administrative officials, university Deans, and the University President on matters relating to academic planning. When appropriate, the Academic Planning Committee may seek external review teams for evaluation purposes for new program proposals.

Stephen Tipler (Chair) Library ULIB 2025 2
Fulton Burns Theatre CAM 2025 1
Mindy Varney Pharmaceutical Science SOP 2024 1
Robin McCutcheon (Secretary) Finance, Economics, Int’l Bus COB 2025 2
Jill Underhill Communication Studies COLA 2023 2
Jessica Buerck Obstetrics & Gynecology SOM 2025 1
Sean McBride Liaison FS 2022 n/a
Mindy Allenger Education COEPD 2023 1
Jessica Maynard Nursing COHP 2023 1
Isaac Wait Weisberg Division of Engineering CECS 2025 1
Wendy Trzyna Biological Sciences COS 2025 2
Abbey McBrayer SGA Representative Student
TO BE APPOINTED SGA Representative Grad Student


Ex-Officio, Nonvoting Members

Rich Sutphin GSC Representative
Avinandan Mukherjee Sr. VP for Academic Affairs
Jeffery Archambault Interim COB Dean
David Dampier CITE Dean
Teresa Eagle COEPD Dean
Wendell Dobbs Interim CAM Dean
Robert Bookwalter COLA Dean
Charles Somerville COS Dean
Monica Brooks ULIB Dean
Joseph Shapiro SOM Dean
Michael Prewitt COHP Dean
Brian Hoey Honors College Dean
Gayle Brazeau SOP Dean
Michael McGuffey Director of Institutional Research
Mary Beth Reynolds Director, Assessment & Program Review
TO BE APPOINTED Appointed Community Member
TO BE APPOINTED Appointed Community Member


Other Resources


Old Main 310
Marshall University
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755


Shawn Schulenberg - Chair
Elizabeth Niese - Assistant Chair
Sujoy Bose - Recording Secretary


Zelideth Rivas - Parliamentarian


Jebediah Dickerson - Administrative Associate